Israel: Deportation of African asylum-seekers is a cruel and misguided abandonment of responsibility

Amnesty International | 2018-03-26

Israel's policy of deporting African asylum-seekers to two unnamed African countries is an abdication of its responsibility to refugees and an example of the vicious political measures feeding the "global refugee crisis", Amnesty International said today as the Israeli Supreme Court considers new evidence on the legality of the policy. | Israel has allegedly reached agreements with two countries — widely understood to be Uganda and Rwanda. The terms of the agreements are classified. | Under the government's new "Procedure for Deportation to Third Countries", launched in January, those who agree to leave are given US$3,500 and a ticket to either their country of origin or an unnamed "third country". Those who refuse face indefinite detention. The Israeli government claims the scheme facilitates "voluntary departures" of "infiltrators". | "How can the Israeli government possibly describe this as a way of deporting asylum-seekers 'voluntarily'……

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