The Parable of the Stone and the Slap

Jeffrey St. Clair | | 2018-03-30

In the summer of 2000, Edward Said went on a family excursion to Lebanon. On July 3, Said and his two sons visited the border with Israel, which had recently ended its brutal 18-year-long occupation of southern Lebanon. They spent the morning touring the grim chambers of El-Khaim prison, where Palestinian detainees had been interrogated and tortured. In the afternoon, the Said family traveled to the newly liberated town of Kafr Killa. In a celebratory act, Said picked up a small stone and hurled it across a concertina wire fence marking the border and toward an Israeli watchtower, a half-mile in the distance. The stone fell harmlessly into the desert, several hundred yards short of the military outpost.

The Parable of the Stone and the Slap…

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