Trump’s Quiet Meeting With Saudi Arabia and Israel Portends a Dangerous Collision Course With Iran

Phyllis Bennis, In These Times | | 2018-03-23

An under-the radar gathering at the White House exposes troubling new drifts in U. S. foreign policy. | This article was produced in partnership with Foreign Policy In Focus. It was a lot to take in, even in these whipsawed media moments. In one 24-hour news cycle, President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, appointed the war and torture-backing CIA chief Mike Pompeo to replace him, and then tapped Gina Haspel–who covered up CIA torture in Thailand–to replace Pompeo. While the media descended on that circus, many missed that the White House quietly convened high-level representatives of 20 countries ostensibly to "brainstorm" about the crisis in Gaza, where Israel's repeated military incursions and blockade have devastated the territory's infrastructure, health and water systems. The gathering, which took place on March 13, was less splashy than the Tillerson-Pompeo-Haspel saga. But it spoke volumes about. . .……

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