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2024-05-17: News Headlines

Orinoco Tribune. (2024-05-17). Washington Removes Cuba From List Of Countries Not Cooperating Fully Against Terrorism. The US Department of State has announced that Cuba is no longer on their list of countries not fully cooperating against terrorism, which does not include the lifting of their illegal and unilateral sanctions against the Cuban people. | The cooperation against terrorism list, which the Department of State is required by law to provide to US Congress, is not the same as the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, according to a Department of State official announcing the decision this Wednesday, May 15. | Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez reported via social media that "the United States has just admitted what is k…

Joel Wendland-Liu (2024-05-17). 'Black Ghost of Empire: The Long Death of Slavery and the Failure of Emancipation'. When wealthy, Harvard-trained ultra-right Senator Tom Cotton described racial slavery as a "necessary evil" in 2020, he made two crucial admissions. First, the enslavement and consequent genocide of millions of Africans by Europeans and Euro-Americans between 1492 and the 1880s was a necessary feature for the development of capitalism (and consequent European and U.S. imperialism …

Joe Walsh (2024-05-17). Sinn Fein to Defy UK Ban on Israeli Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and Attack Labour's 'do Nothing Position in the Face of Genocide'.

John Catalinotto (2024-05-17). Book launch shows hope for another and better world. "A Realistic Path to Peace: From Genocide to Global War … and How We Can Stop It," 2024 Edition, by Dee Knight, Solidarity Publications, Bronx, New York. Contact New York City, May 9. Tonight, activists from the Bronx Anti-War Coalition helped launch the new edition of Dee Knight's book, . . . |

Melvin Goodman (2024-05-17). Friedman, Biden and US Weapons Sales to Israel. In a long oped on Sunday titled "Biden's Error in Pausing Military Aid," Thomas Friedman buys into Israeli propaganda that describes Iran as an "existential threat," and harshly denigrates President Joe Biden for announcing a pause in U.S. weapons sales to Israel. Friedman is critical of Biden for announcing the pause in the transfer of

albawaba (2024-05-17). Hezbollah targets two Israeli military-industrial facilities. ALBAWABA- Lebanese Hezbollah fighters announced an air attack using drones targeted industrial facilities belonging to the Israeli Ministry of War. The attack focused on the "Elbit" military industries company and the "David Cohen" factory in "Tel Hai" (north of Kiryat Shmona). The David Cohen factory specializes in producing electronic systems for the Israeli army.According to the Hezbollah Resistance, they successfully targeted spy equipment carried on a crane in Tallet Al-Tayhat with precise weapons, resulting in its destruction.Hezbollah Resistance in Lebanon further announced that they targeted an Israeli en…

Haymarket Books, JVP, more (2024-05-17). Thursday 5/23: Break the Bonds!: Divest from Israel Bonds, Invest in Freedom Teach-in. Online teach-in / webinar…

Eve Ottenberg (2024-05-17). Iran and Israel Need to Talk. It's now been about four weeks since Iranian missiles filled Israeli skies, as humanity held its breath for nuclear war and possible extinction. If that strikes you as hyperbole, consider this: Had Israel suffered great damage, the war could have gone nuclear, and don't think for a minute that Russia and China would allow their

Martha Grevatt (2024-05-17). Cleveland: After encampment, struggle continues. Cleveland After 11 defiant days, students at Case Western Reserve University closed down their Palestine Solidarity Encampment on May 9. Activists from the Palestinian community and the progressive movement assisted in a well-organized and disciplined take-down. Nevertheless, CWRU President Eric Kaler reiterated his threats that students who participated in the . . . |

Lyn Neeley (2024-05-17). Portland postal activists join national rallies. Portland, Oregon Postal workers, retirees, union officials and community supporters rallied outside the East Portland post office on May 9 demanding an end to recent mail delays and job cuts. Many demonstrators wore red T-shirts saying "Dump DeJoy and his 10-year plan." Portland, Oregon, was where one of many "We . . . |

Angela (2024-05-17). Tuesday 5/21: South Africa, Palestine & the World Court – Codepink Congress Capitol Calling Party. Zoom |

Hank Pellissier (2024-05-17). Mega Mouth Rebels wants two female activists aged 8-100+ (who like to lead chants). Activist group is seeking two more activists – women who like to lead chants…

albawaba (2024-05-17). Saudi Arabia's US Treasury holdings rise to $135.9B, ranked 17th globally. ALBAWABA – Saudi Arabia's holdings in US treasuries grew for an eighth month in a row, hitting $135.9 billion in March, an increase of 3.66 percent from the month prior, putting the kingdom in 17th place across the biggest investors who hold such financial assets, according to official figures disclosed by Washington.In contrast, data from the US Treasury department showed that Saudi Arabia had $108.1 billion in Treasury securities as of June of last year, considerably lower than the $119.7 billion it held at the end of 2022. When compared to the same month last year, the Kingdom's foreign reserve assets increase…

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-17). Cambodia interested in sports cooperation with Cuba. Phnom Penh, May 17 (Prensa Latina) Volleyball Federation of Cambodia (VFC) Secretary General Aing Serey Piseth expressed his interest on Friday in promoting sports cooperation with Cuba, especially in that discipline.

Javier Arana Villasusa (2024-05-17). Cuba will continue advancing in social digital transformation. Havana, May 17 (Prensa Latina) Advancing the digital transformation in all areas of society, according to the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030, is a priority for Cuba, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said today.

Luis Linares Petrov (2024-05-17). Russia supports Venezuela's application to BRICS. Moscow, May 17 (Prensa Latina) Russia respects Venezuela's candidacy to join the BRICS, but the decision on who will be new members is made jointly by the entire organization, said the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Vershinin.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-17). Conference on Financing for Development closes in Cuba. Havana, May 17 (Prensa Latina) The Conference on Financing for Development closes in Cuba on Friday after bringing together international institutions, cooperation stakeholders, and government agencies to discuss innovative sources and initiatives.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-17). Cuba's Heberprot-P could be on US market by 2028. Washington, May 17 (Prensa Latina) Heberprot-P, a drug developed by Cuba and currently the only one of its kind in the world to treat diabetic foot ulcers, could be in the US market by 2028, Dr. Lee Weingart, president of the US biotech company Discovery Therapeutics Caribe (DTC), based in Cleveland, Ohio, announced.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-17). Cubans celebrate Farmers' Day and First Agrarian Reform Law. Havana, May 17 (Prensa Latina) Cuban farmers are celebrating Farmers' Day and the 65th anniversary of the signing of the First Agrarian Reform Law, one of the most important measures adopted by the Revolution in its first phase.

teleSUR (2024-05-17). President Maduro Installs Our Venezuela Campaign Command. On Thursday, President Nicolas Maduro led the installation ceremony of the "Our Venezuela 21st Century" Campaign Command in preparation for the presidential elections on July 28. | RELATED: | "Today, we take a very important step to advance with advantage, superiority, and fortitude to defend our country from the threat it is under, to preserve all the advances and achievements of the struggle we have waged, to chart the…

tvbrics (2024-05-17). Saudi Arabia organises mango festival. The event is aimed at promoting agricultural products and supporting farmers…

tvbrics (2024-05-17). Iran and China sign Memorandum of Understanding on agricultural cooperative. Sino-Iranian relations enter a new phase…

unitedEditor (2024-05-17). How Iranian — Chinese friendship benefits Türkiye. In 2023, the People's Republic of China purchased 91% of the oil produced by Iran. Anxious with that, US President Biden is working on passing a law to impose sanctions on China for its oil purchases from Iran. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Iran has transformed into a construction site. What we see is an extraordinary …

Cira Pascual Marquina (2024-05-17). On fascism and other maladies: A conversation with Luis Britto García. One of Venezuela's most respected intellectuals talks about fascism and corruption scandals in the lead-up to the presidential elections.

Eric Worrall (2024-05-17). Biden China Tariffs Infuriate Climate Activists. Climate change news seems to be taking the Chinese line on the tariff issue – but who expected anything different?>

Giorgia Valente (2024-05-17). 'Iran Staging Itself To Reach [Nuclear] Goal in 1 or 2 Weeks,' Experts Tell TML. (2024-05-17). Persian Gulf Trio Islands Eternal Part of Iran: Spokesman. TEHRAN (Tasnim) — The spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry refuted a clause in the declaration of the 33rd Arab Summit which has questioned Iran's sovereignty over the three Persian Gulf islands, describing them as an inseparable and eternal part of the Iranian territory.

aljazeera (2024-05-17). Does India risk US sanctions over Iran's Chabahar Port deal? The port deal could help India strengthen trade ties with Central Asia. But a US sanctions threat clouds the pact.

| Name (2024-05-17). Tunisian police arrest 5 journalists, interrupt France 24's broadcast amid crackdown.

themoscowtimes (2024-05-17). Yandex NV Says Completed First Phase of Russian Divestment. The Netherlands-based parent company of the Yandex Group said it sold about 68% of its Russian assets in the initial transaction closing.

Staff (2024-05-17). INSMET: Temperatura media anual en Cuba ha aumentado 1 ∞C desde 1951. Los estudios realizados en el Instituto de Meteorología indican, que como consecuencia del cambio climático y el calentamiento global, nuestro clima se hace gradualmente más cálido. Incluso, se ha precisado que la temperatura media anual de Cuba se ha incrementado en 1 ∞C desde 1951 hasta el 2020. Desde el 2005 hasta la fecha, se han ido sucediendo nuevos récords de temperatura máxima absoluta.

Staff (2024-05-17). øQué resultados expone el grupo ganadero? (+ Video). øCómo funciona la estructura empresarial ganadera en el país? øPor qué no crece la producción? øQué se hace para transformar la situación? Alain Rodríguez León, presidente del Grupo Empresarial Ganadero enfatizó que la entidad tiene una alta responsabilidad en el cumplimiento del balance cárnico y lácteo del país.

Staff (2024-05-17). Asesinan el director de la cárcel colombiana La Modelo. El director de la cárcel La Modelo de Bogotá, Elmer Fernández, falleció en un ataque perpetrado cuando estaba en su vehículo en Bogotá, informó el ministro de Justicia, Néstor Osuna. El titular de la cartera ha indicado en un vídeo compartido en redes sociales que ha establecido un "plan candado en la ciudad para capturar a los autores de este homicidio".

Staff (2024-05-17). Reforma Agraria: Pilar fundamental de la Revolución Cubana (+ Fotos y Video). Pilar fundamental de la revolución cubana es la Reforma Agraria. Siguiendo su costumbre de convencer primero y ejecutar después los grandes proyectos revolucionarios, en este caso la Reforma Agraria, Fidel no orienta aprobar la ley tan pronto como se tome el poder revolucionario, sino que prefiere desarrollar antes una exhaustiva campaña durante cuatro meses y medio.

Staff (2024-05-17). Fidel Castro: "Fue la Ley de Reforma Agraria precisamente lo que definió a la Revolución Cubana" (+ Fotos y Video). Al arribar al XV aniversario de la promulgación de la Ley de Reforma Agraria, Fidel Castro vuelve a La Plata en la Sierra Maestra. Ese día se realiza un emotivo acto en conmemoración de la muerte de Niceto Pérez, el XV aniversario de la Primera Ley de Reforma Agraria y el XIII aniversario de la creación de la Asociación de Agricultores Pequeños.

Raúl Rodríguez (2024-05-17). Retiro de Jorge Fernández marca inauguración de Copa Cuba de Atletismo. La Habana, 17 may (JIT).- La confirmación de más de 200 participantes de todas las provincias y el retiro oficial del discólobo Jorge Yadián Fernández marcaron la inauguración de la Copa Cuba de Atletismo 2024, que arrancará este viernes.

María Candela (2024-05-17). En Cuba el amor es ley y lo seguirá siendo, asevera presidente. La Habana, 17 may (RHC) En Cuba el amor es ley y lo seguirá siendo y entre todos construimos un Código de las Familias que apuesta por el respeto, la inclusión y los derechos de todas las personas, aseveró este viernes el presidente, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

María Candela (2024-05-17). Brasil aplaude exclusión de Cuba de lista unilateral sobre terrorismo. Brasilia, 17 may (RHC) El Gobierno de Brasil celebra este viernes con satisfacción la decisión de Estados Unidos de retirar a Cuba de su lista unilateral de países que no cooperan plenamente en la lucha contra el terrorismo.

María Candela (2024-05-17). Ley de Reforma Agraria, saldar una deuda con el campesinado cubano. El analfabetismo, la insalubridad, la desnutrición y la explotación del campesinado que no era dueño de la tierra que trabajaba de sol a sol era el panorama de los campos de Cuba, denunciado por el líder histórico de la revolución cubana, Fidel Castro, en su alegato de defensa en el juicio por el asalto al cuartel Moncada, en Santiago de Cuba, el 26 de julio de 1953.

María Candela (2024-05-17). Cuba recibirá maquinaria para mitigar problemas climáticos. La Habana, 17 may (RHC) Un proyecto, respaldado por Naciones Unidas, proporcionará a Cuba maquinaria para mejorar la disponibilidad de agua en municipios que presentan hoy las mayores afectaciones climáticas, anunció la FAO.

Raúl Rodríguez (2024-05-17). Paratletas cubanos en cuenta regresiva desde Kobe. La Habana, 17 may (JIT).- Apenas unas horas restan para el inicio del Campeonato Mundial de Paratletismo de Kobe 2024, en Japón, y uno de los primeros cubanos que tendrá acción será el saltador de longitud Robiel Yankiel Sol.

María Candela (2024-05-17). Presidente cubano visitó centros económicos de provincia Camagàºey. Camagàºey, 16 may (RHC) El presidente de Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, visitó este jueves centros económicos del municipio camagàºeyano Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, como parte de los recorridos que realiza por el país para promover buenas experiencias de trabajo.

teleSUR, dcdc, YSM (2024-05-17). Pueblo de Mantecal en Apure exige fin de bloqueo a Venezuela. El presidente venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, expresó, a través de su cuenta en X, que le "emociona mucho ver al pueblo combatiente, revolucionario y consciente de la parroquia Mantecal.

teleSUR, ahf, YSM (2024-05-17). Vicepresidenta Delcy Rodríguez: el bloqueo contra Venezuela debe cesar. La dirigente sustentó sus argumentos afirmando que el fin del bloqueo perimitiría que sus connacionales tuvieran derecho "a la salud, a la vida" y "al futuro".

teleSUR, MER (2024-05-17). Presidente Maduro instala el Comando de Campaña "Venezuela Nuestra" El diputado Jorge Rodríguez es coordinador general del comando central, que contará con siete equipos.

María Candela (2024-05-17). Quería saber, nuevo disco de Silvio Rodríguez. La Habana, 17 may (RHC) De plácemes se encuentran hoy los admiradores del destacado cantautor cubano Silvio Rodríguez, pues el 7 de junio próximo se lanzará en las principales plataformas digitales su álbum Quería saber.

María Candela (2024-05-17). Cuba continuará avanzando en la transformación digital social. La Habana, 17 may (RHC) Continuar avanzando en la transformación digital en todos los ámbitos de la sociedad, de acuerdo con Plan Nacional de Desarrollo Económico y Social hasta 2030, es una prioridad para Cuba, aseveró este viernes el canciller Bruno Rodríguez.

Raúl Rodríguez (2024-05-17). Cuba acogerá clasificatorio de taekwondo para Asunción 2025. La Habana, 17 may (JIT).- Cuba será sede de uno de los certámenes eliminatorios de taekwondo para los Juegos Panamericanos Júnior de Asunción 2025.

Staff (2024-05-17). El camino de Amancio y Céspedes. Por los municipios Amancio Rodríguez, de Las Tunas, y Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, de Camagàºey, continuaron este jueves los encuentros de la semana del compañero Díaz-Canel con el pueblo, en entidades económicas, sociales y en las calles, junto a Morales Ojeda.

María Candela (2024-05-17). Cienfuegos organiza el ejercicio de las acciones en situación de desastres Meteoro-2024 (+Fotos y Audio). Cienfuegos, 17 may (RHC) El Ejercicio de las acciones en situación de desastres Meteoro-2024 tendrá lugar en esta provincia del centro y sur, como en toda Cuba, los próximos días 18 y 19 de mayo, sábado y domingo.

Pablo Rafael Fuentes (2024-05-17). Concluye conferencia sobre financiamiento para el desarrollo en Cuba. La Habana, 17 may (RHC) La Conferencia sobre Financiamiento para el Desarrollo concluye hoy en Cuba tras reunir a instituciones internacionales, actores de la cooperación y organismos gubernamentales para dialogar sobre fuentes e iniciativas innovadoras.

teleSUR, idg, DRL (2024-05-17). Venezuela y Cuba rechazan medidas de EE.UU. contra Nicaragua. Las sanciones van dirigidas a la Compañía Minera Internacional, Sociedad Anónima (Cominisa), a Capital Mining Investment Nicaragua y al Centro de Capacitación del Ministerio del Interior de Rusia en Managua.

teleSUR, JDO (2024-05-17). FANB exige a EE.UU. levantar las sanciones contra Venezuela. Demandan al presidente Joe Biden la inmediata derogación de las medidas restrictivas unilaterales impuestas a la patria de Bolívar y Chávez desde 2015.

newarab (2024-05-17). Israel strikes on Lebanon kill Hezbollah fighter, 2 children. Israeli air strikes on Friday hit an area of southern Hezbollah, a Hamas ally, has traded cross-border fire with Israeli forces almost daily since the Palestinian group's October 7 attack on southern Israel. | The Iran-backed Lebanese movement has

newarab (2024-05-17). Tehran threatens UK for helping Israel down Iranian missiles. Esmail Qaani, head of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) – the foreign arm of the organisation – also issued warnings to

newarab (2024-05-17). How two Yemeni women are revolutionising Taiz's food scene. Meet Nisreen Dhirar and Faiza Haidrah who have defied gender stereotypes in Yemen by opening a restaurant in "We broke the norm that opening restaurants are for men only," Nisreen tells The New Arab. "We tried convincing society that women can also work in restaurants. There is no shame in it." | Nisreen and Faiza are university graduates, and their education armed them with the confidence to plan and execute their collectiv…

newarab (2024-05-17). Yemeni security forces deploy in Aden as anger simmers over power outages. Yemeni authorities deployed security forces and armored vehicles across the port city of Aden Wednesday, as protesters were expected to take to the streets in the latest in a series of protests over hours-long For several days, hundreds of demonstrators in three central districts of Aden blocked roads and set tires on fire, protesting electricity shortages as temperatures soared to 40 degrees Celsius. | On Monday and Tuesday, security forces… (2024-05-17). Houthi: Yemen to target any Israel-bound ships within range. Ansarullah leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi has declared that Yemeni forces will target any ship bound for Israeli ports, regardless of whether they pass through the Red Sea. (2024-05-17). European trio warned after deploying warplanes to defend Israel against Iran op. Iranian commander warns the UK, Germany, and France after the trio deployed their warplanes to defend the Israeli regime against Iran's retaliatory operation. (2024-05-17). Army commander: Iran to respond directly to threats from Israel. Iran will respond directly to any threat originating from the Zionist regime, Army Ground Forces Commander Brigadier General Kiumars Heydari says, in the Islamic Republic's latest warning to Israel. (2024-05-17). Yemen downs advanced $30 million US spy drone over Ma'rib. Yemen's army says it has shot down an American spy drone by "a locally-made missile" in the province of Ma'rib, amid escalating tensions in the region over Israel's US-backed genocidal war on the Gaza Strip. (2024-05-17). University of Calgary: Pro-Palestine encampment attacked by police. Canadian university students continue to establish pro-Palestinian encampments on campus, with the newest calls for academic institutions to divest from Israel coming from within the city of Calgary. (2024-05-17). Envoy: Iran arms for Yemen 'lies' by US aim to justify aggression. Iran's permanent representative to the United Nations has unequivocally dismissed US claims that Iran sends arms to Yemen. (2024-05-17). Iran says ready to share nuclear expertise with all countries. The AEOI spokesman voices the country's preparedness to share its nuclear achievements with other states, including neighboring and Muslim ones. (2024-05-17). Iran: BRICS core of international will to build fair world. The Iranian deputy foreign minister says the BRICS group of emerging economies is resolved to build a justice-based world and serve the interests of independent countries.

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2024-05-16: News Headlines

Caitlyn Clark, Labor Notes. (2024-05-16). Unions Support Student Protestors Against Administrators And Police. As campus protests—and violent police repression—continue to roll across the country, some unions are getting involved. | More than 2,700 protesters have been arrested on 64 college campuses since the initial arrests at Columbia University in New York on April 18. Encampments have appeared at 184 campuses worldwide. The protesting students are calling for full disclosure of their universities' finances and divestment from all financial ties to weapons manufacturers and Israel's war on Gaza. | Unionized academic workers are demanding decision-making power over their work and what it's used for. For ins…

Sara Flounders, Workers' World. (2024-05-16). Divest Now! A Revolutionary Demand. Why have student encampments for Palestine ignited such an uproar of brutal repression, vicious police attacks, mass arrests, overwhelming condemnation in the corporate media and a new level of reactionary legislation in Congress? | The demand to divest, raised at almost every encampment, exposes the insidious inroads of the military-industrial complex into the heart of almost all higher education institutions in the U.S. today. | This demand to "divest" has revolutionary implications. Divestment is not just a threat to university boards, administrators and their alumni funders. It is a threat to the established…

infobrics (2024-05-16). Saudi-Iranian nuclear deal possible, says chairman of Iran's atomic organization.

infobrics (2024-05-16). North-South International Corridor Bids Priority to Iran-Russia Cowork. The international North-South corridor and transit are two of the priority areas of cooperation between Iran and Russia, the spokesperson for Iran's Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanani said during the press conference…

Robert Koehler (2024-05-16). A World Under Spiritual Construction. There's something happening here . . . Consider, for instance, the recent announcement by Union Theological Seminary, which is affiliated with Columbia University, that it is divesting from "companies profiting from war in Palestine/Israel" — and, not only that, fully supports the student encampments (at Columbia and all across the country) and condemns the arrests and (2024-05-16). European Trio to Be Held Accountable for Helping Israel during Iran's True Promise Operation: Commander. TEHRAN (Tasnim) — The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force said the three European countries that deployed their warplanes to defend the Israeli regime against a retaliatory operation staged by Iran will be held accountable.

Radio Havana Cuba (2024-05-16). UNICEF calls for an end to Israel's indiscriminate killing of children in Gaza. The United Nations children's agency (UNICEF) has called for an end to the "indiscriminate killing" campaign against Palestinians, especially children, in the Gaza Strip, raising the alarm at the dire situation caused by Israel's genocidal war on the territory…

Haymarket Books, JVP, more (2024-05-16). Thursday 5/23: Break the Bonds!: Divest from Israel Bonds, Invest in Freedom Teach-in. Online teach-in / webinar…

Staff (2024-05-16). Washington Removes Cuba From List of Countries Not Cooperating Fully Against Terrorism (+Sanctions Ongoing). Caracas ( The cooperation against terrorism list, which the Department of State is required by law to provide to US Congress, is not the same as the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, according to a Department of State official announcing the decision this Wednesday, May 15. | Cuban Foreign Minister B…

Hank Pellissier (2024-05-16). Mega Mouth Rebels wants two female activists aged 8-100+ (who like to lead chants). Activist group is seeking two more activists – women who like to lead chants…

albawaba (2024-05-16). Gold prices in Riyadh Today 16 May 2024. ALBAWABA – Gold prices in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today, Thursday, May 16, opened at 8,954.59 per ounce, according to gold prices in Riyadh Today: The price per gram of 24-karat gold in Saudi stood at SAR 287.90 today.22-karat gold rates in KSA Today: The price per gram of 22-karat gold in Saudi stood at SAR 263.91 early today.21-karat gold prices in Saudi Arabia Today: The price per gram of 21-karat gold in KSA stood at SAR 251.91 at the start of the business day, today.18-karat gold rates in KSA Today: The price per gram of 18-karat gold in Saudi o…

MEE correspondent (2024-05-16). Iranian press review: Male fans barred from football stadiums. Iranian press review: Male fans barred from football stadiums | Meanwhile, Tehran attempts to re-establish ties with Cairo, and a prominent academic is jailed on propaganda charges
| | Female fans at a football match between Iran and Cambodia at the Azadi stadium in the ca…

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-16). Cuban president meets Venezuelan foreign minister. During the meeting, the head of State described Gil's presence in Cuba as significant and sent a warm greeting to his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro. | The Presidency of the Republic informed on its X profile that Diaz-Canel congratulated Venezuela on the successful holding of the recent Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP). | The Venezuelan foreign minister, in turn, thanked Cuba for all support and conveyed a "greeting of affection and solidarity" from President Nicolás Maduro. | He also addressed common challenges the two nations face in the…

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-16). Solidarity movements with Cuba pay tribute to Jose Marti in Colombia. Bogota, May 16 (Prensa Latina) The Movements of Solidarity with Cuba and the Association of Cuban Residents in Colombia pay tribute to José Martí on Thursday as part of a day dedicated to honoring the Cuban hero on the 129th anniversary of his death.

Javier Arana Villasusa (2024-05-16). Chinese immigrants contributed to sugar production in Cuba. Sancti Spíritus, Cuba, May 16 (Prensa Latina) One of the distinctive features of sugar production in the 19th century in central Cuba, what is now Sancti Spíritus province, was the Chinese presence in sugarcane cutting.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-16). Cuba and Colombia united in arts in Cubadisco 2024. Havana, May 16 (Prensa Latina) The 27th edition of the International Music Industry Fair, Cubadisco 2024, invites on Thursday to a great harmonic display with the Cuba-Colombia gala at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba in this capital.

Alina Ramos Martin (2024-05-16). India highlights validity of José Martí's universal thought. New Delhi, May 16 (Prensa Latina) The screening here of the film El Ojo del Canario highlighted the validity of the universal thought of the National Hero of Cuba, José Martí, on the 129th anniversary of his death.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-05-16). Ambassador to Mongolia lectures on Cuba-US relations and blockade. Ulaanbaatar, May 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Ambassador to Mongolia, Jorge Ferrer, delivered a lecture on Cuba-United States relations and the effects of the US blockade on the Cuban people, besides Mongolian citizens and companies due to its extraterritoriality, diplomatic sources informed on Thursday.

Javier Arana Villasusa (2024-05-16). Homage to Cuban National Hero José Martí in Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo, May 16 (Prensa Latina) The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), students and friends in solidarity with Cuba today commemorated the life and work of José Martí on the 129th anniversary of his death, demanding an end to the U.S. blockade against Cuba.

VINS (2024-05-16). Promises to Women Health Activists in India Not Yet Met Despite ASHA Strike Suspension. In March 2024, a 21-day strike by Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) workers ended in Maharashtra, a state in the western peninsula of India, as health ministers announced an increase in salaries. However, some of these promises have been made only verbally, leading ASHA workers to question whether the state…

Raúl Rodríguez (2024-05-16). Cubanas dominan en Torneo Centroamericano de Ajedrez. La Habana, 16 may (JIT).- Cuatro jugadoras cubanas encabezadas por la pinareña Yerisbel Miranda marcan el paso en el Campeonato Centroamericano Femenino de Ajedrez 2024, con sede en Villa Clara.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Cadena Hotelera india patrocina vuelos internos en Cuba. La Habana, 16 mayo (RHC) La cadena hotelera india MGM Muthu Hotels realizará vuelos domésticos en Cuba con aerolínea propia para favorecer el turismo, significó hoy un reporte oficial, señaló hoy el diario Granma.

Raúl Rodríguez (2024-05-16). Atletismo: Copa Cuba de viernes a domingo con 800m como plato fuerte. La Habana, 16 may (RHC).- La Copa Cuba de Atletismo se efectuará de viernes a domingo en La Habana con los 800 para damas como atractivo principal, pues tres corredoras podrían tirarle a la marca olímpica para París-2024.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Religiosos en EEUU piden cambio de política de Biden hacia Cuba. Washington, 16 mayo (RHC) Más de 20 organizaciones religiosas e instituciones basadas en la fe de Estados Unidos pidieron un cambio en la política de la administración de Joe Biden hacia Cuba, a cuyo pueblo intenta hoy estrangular con el bloqueo.

tvbrics (2024-05-16). Saudi Arabia conducts oil spill response drills. Emergency services use satellites and special modelling software…

tvbrics (2024-05-16). Jameh Mosque of Saveh is inscribed on UNESCO's Tentative List of World Heritage Sites. Jameh Mosque of Saveh is a proud testimony of Iran's rich cultural heritage…

Various (2024-05-16). Justice for Ukrainian workers! Appeal to political representatives of the people of Europe and the world. On the eve of the European Parliament elections, trade union activists in Kryvyi Rih appeal to candidates and remind politicians that it is wage earners who bear the brunt of the war against the aggressor.

Hugo GABBERO (2024-05-16). Saudi Arabia: Call for lifting the arbitrary travel ban imposed on women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul and her family.

Prensa Latina News Agency (2024-05-16). Cuba relies on renewable energy sources. Cuba relies on developing renewable energy sources (RES), such as wind, photovoltaic, and biogas, to address the electricity generation shortages caused by the lack of fuel…

Prensa Latina News Agency (2024-05-16). Cuba bets on domestic production to achieve economic sovereignty. President Miguel Díaz-Canel explained that Cuba is working hard to stimulate national production in order to achieve economic sovereignty and meet the the country's domestic needs…

Editor (2024-05-16). Conga against Homophobia and Transphobia in Cuba defends peace in Palestine. Representatives of Cuban LGBTI activism and friends from other countries joined the parade calling for "All rights for all people", organized by the National Center for Sex Education (Cenesex) as part of the Cuban Days against Homophobia and Transphobia, May 3-18.

teleSUR, ahf, YSM (2024-05-16). Rebeldes hutíes atacan buque destructor de EE.UU. en mar Rojo. Las Fuerzas Armadas de Yemen también llevaron a cabo un ataque contra el barco Destiny, navío mercante que se dirigía hacia Israel.

Staff (2024-05-16). El caso del árbitro falso en Pinar del Río, la novela continúa (+ Audio y Video). El caso del nombre falso del árbitro en Pinar del Río es un novelón para nunca acabar, con puntos de giro que nos hacen encontrar una nueva arista cada semana. En declaraciones a Cubadebate, el comisario técnico Charles Díaz informó que en su momento lo de la falsa identidad se lo comunicó a sus jefes, pero le dijeron que eso era un problema de Reglas y Arbitraje.

Staff (2024-05-16). Díaz-Canel: Venezuela puede contar con Cuba para lo que sea. Venezuela puede contar con Cuba para lo que sea, afirmó este miércoles el presidente Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez al recibir en el Palacio de la Revolución al canciller de esa hermana nación, Yvan Gil Pinto, quien realiza una visita oficial a la Isla.

Staff (2024-05-16). Cadenas de decepciones. Es un "sueño dorado" burgués que sus enemigos se derroten a sí mismos producto del engaño, la manipulación ideológica, del odio contra sus pares y la proliferación de "antivalores" degradantes. Golpetear al enemigo hasta que pierda todo ímpetu, que abandone la resistencia, desmoralizado, asfixiado en el odio de clase que le inoculan. Desmoralizados y desorganizados somos nada.

Staff (2024-05-16). Melía apuesta por Cuba: Dos nuevos hoteles, rebranding y un plan de reformas hasta 2026. Melía Hotels International mantiene firme su apuesta por Cuba: en 2023 abrió cuatro establecimientos, este año sumará otros dos hoteles en gestión en Cayo Coco y Varadero, llevará a cabo un rebranding en Cienfuegos y avanza con un "ambicioso plan de reformas" que se extenderán hasta el 2026, de acuerdo a lo confirmado por la cadena a HOSTELTUR.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Comenzarán viajes interregionales en el Caribe. La Habana, 16 mayo (RHC) El catedrático e investigador cubano José Luís Perelló, reseñó hoy en su cuenta en Facebook, que viajes interregionales de turismo comenzarán en agosto próximo por primera vez en el Caribe.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Cuba agradece esfuerzos de congresistas de EEUU. La Habana, 16 mayo (RHC) El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores (Minrex) de Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, agradeció hoy a través de su cuenta en X, los esfuerzos de congresistas de Estados Unidos, que han instado al presidente Joe Biden a retirar a Cuba de la unilateral lista de Estados presuntamente patrocinadores del terrorismo.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Instan en Cuba a resolución de conflictos y guerras en el mundo. La Habana, 16 mayo (RHC) La vicecanciller de Cuba, Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, instó hoy a través de su cuenta en X, la resolución de los conflictos y las guerras que cobran miles de vidas, en ocasión del Día Internacional de la Convivencia en Paz.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Canciller venezolano afirma que Cuba y Venezuela comparten un destino de esperanza. Caracas, 16 mayo (RHC) El canciller Yván Gil afirmó hoy que Venezuela y Cuba comparten un destino de esperanza y complementariedad, que guiará el camino hacia un mundo mejor.

Raúl Rodríguez (2024-05-16). Cubanos a segunda vuelta en clasificatorio de tenis de mesa. La Habana, 16 may (JIT).- Daniela Fonseca, la mejor jugadora de tenis de mesa cubana del momento, se quedó a un paso de lograr un boleto olímpico en su primera oportunidad en el torneo clasificatorio continental de tenis de mesa para los Juegos Olímpicos de París 2024, que por estos días acoge la ciudad peruana de Lima.

teleSUR, MER (2024-05-16). Realizan movilización por el Día de las Familias en Venezuela. El mandatario afirmó que está decidido a refundar el valor de la familia como base de unión y creación de una nueva civilización para las generaciones futuras.

teleSUR, dcdc, YSM (2024-05-16). Venezuela reitera apoyo a Palestina en conmemoración del Nakba. El embajador de Palestina en Venezuela, Fadi Alzaben, denunció que su país está padeciendo "una grave situación" producto de "ataques genocidas" en la Franja de Gaza..

Staff (2024-05-16). Recibió Ricardo Cabrisas a Michelle Muschett, subsecretaria general de Naciones Unidas y directora regional del PNUD. El vice primer ministro y ministro del Comercio Exterior y la Inversión Extranjera, Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, recibió a Michelle Marie Muschett Zimmermann, subsecretaria general de Naciones Unidas y directora regional para América Latina y el Caribe del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD), quien visita Cuba por segunda ocasión desde su nombramiento.

Pablo Rafael Fuentes (2024-05-16). Instituto cubano rector de la industria del cine vive su aniversario. La Habana, 16 may (RHC) En el contexto del aniversario 65 del Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (Icaic) la Galería El Reino de este mundo, de la Biblioteca Nacional, exhibe hoy la exposición 1964. La eclosión del cartel cultural cubano.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Embajador de Cuba en Mongolia diserta sobre relaciones de EEUU y su país. Ulán Bator, 16 mayo (RHC) El embajador Jorge Ferrer disertó en conferencia en la Escuela de Relaciones Internacionales y Administración Pública de la Universidad Nacional, sobre las relaciones Cuba-Estados Unidos y las afectaciones del bloqueo al pueblo cubano, informaron hoy fuentes diplomáticas.

teleSUR, JCM (2024-05-16). EE.UU. saca a Cuba de quienes no cooperan en lucha antiterrorista. El canciller cubano anunció a través de su cuenta de la red social X la noticia.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Presidente de la Cámara de Comercio de Cuba detalla balance de misión comercial en España. Una delegación integrada por representantes de empresas estatales y privadas de Cuba realizó una fructífera visita a España concentrada esta vez en zonas del norte del país.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Premios Cubadisco 2024. La Habana, 16 mayo (RHC) El pianista y compositor Frank Fernández se alzó con el máximo galardón en la gala de premiaciones de la edición 27 de la Feria Internacional de la Industria Musical Cubadisco, celebrada la víspera en el capitalino Teatro Martí.

Maria Calvo (2024-05-16). Sector agrícola estadounidense a favor de nexos con Cuba. Por años el sector agrícola de Estados Unidos se ha pronunciado por un mayor acercamiento con Cuba y defendido el establecimiento de relaciones económicas y comerciales normales entre los dos países, en beneficio de ambos pueblos.

Pablo Rafael Fuentes (2024-05-16). Debatirán en Cuba sobre oportunidades y desafíos de financiación. La Habana, 16 may (RHC) La Conferencia sobre Financiamiento para el Desarrollo reunirá hoy en Cuba a instituciones internacionales, actores de la cooperación y organismos gubernamentales para dialogar sobre fuentes e iniciativas innovadoras para financiar el desarrollo.

teleSUR, JDO (2024-05-16). øQuiénes son los candidatos presidenciales de República Dominicana. ¿De qué fuerzas políticas proceden los nueve aspirantes presidenciales y cuáles son sus principales proyecciones de Gobierno?

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2024-05-16). Venezuela y Cuba fortalecen relaciones bilaterales. El canciller venezolano agredeció la bienvenida y "el respaldo en la lucha conjunta contra los ilegales bloqueos impuestos a nuestros pueblos".

newarab (2024-05-16). Is Harvard University set to fully divest from Israel. A pro-Gaza encampment at Since the first mass arrests at

newarab (2024-05-16). White House's Sullivan to travel to Saudi Arabia and Israel. White House national security adviser Additional details on his trip were not available. | The visit would come as the United States continues to press Israel…

newarab (2024-05-16). Jordan 'foils arms plot as caught in Iran-Israel shadow war'. The weapons were sent by Iranian-backed militias in Syria to a cell of the Musli…

newarab (2024-05-16). Israel kills Hezbollah 'commander' after spy balloon downed. A In a statement, the Iran-backed Shia group mourned Hussein Ibrahim Makki, born in 1969, who was from the southern village of Beit Yahoun. | His role in Hezbollah was not identified by the group, but the Israeli military says he was a senior commander in Hezbollah's Southern Front unit. | The Israeli army published footage of the strike which hit Makki's car on the…

newarab (2024-05-16). Calls for festival sponsor to divest from Israel-tied firms.

newarab (2024-05-16). Yemeni security forces deploy in Aden as anger simmers over power outages. Yemeni authorities deployed security forces and armored vehicles across the port city of Aden Wednesday, as protesters were expected to take to the streets in the latest in a series of protests over hours-long For several days, hundreds of demonstrators in three central districts of Aden blocked roads and set tires on fire, protesting electricity shortages as temperatures soared to 40 degrees Celsius. | On Monday and Tuesday, security forces…

newarab (2024-05-16). Iran lawmakers back switch to Friday—Saturday weekend. The legislation, which still requires a green light from constitutional watchdog the

newarab (2024-05-16). Great Escape festival boycotted over Barclays sponsorship. Over 100 artists have dropped out of the Brighton-based Great Escape music festival in solidarity with The festival is set to take place across various venues across the UK seaside city from 15 to 18 May, however, more acts are dropping out by day. | Activists and campaigners have called for a boycott of the event due to the bank's financial investment in compani… (2024-05-16). Yemen's army hits vessel, US warship in latest pro-Palestine operation. An army statement said Yemen will continue operations in solidarity with the Palestinian people until the genocide in Gaza stops. (2024-05-16). Hamas marks Nakba Day, says Israel failed to achieve goals in Gaza. Hamas, in marking the Nakba Day, has hailed the "epic" resistance against the Israeli war machine. (2024-05-16). European trio warned after deploying warplanes to defend Israel against Iran op. Iranian commander warns the UK, Germany, and France after the trio deployed their warplanes to defend the Israeli regime against Iran's retaliatory operation. (2024-05-16). Army commander: Iran to respond directly to threats from Israel. Iran will respond directly to any threat originating from the Zionist regime, Army Ground Forces Commander Brigadier General Kiumars Heydari says, in the Islamic Republic's latest warning to Israel. (2024-05-16). Pro-Palestine activists protest against UK arms shipments to Israel. They say the British weapons industry has been cashing in on Israel's genocidal campaign in Gaza. (2024-05-16). Iran says ready to share nuclear expertise with all countries. The AEOI spokesman voices the country's preparedness to share its nuclear achievements with other states, including neighboring and Muslim ones.

hindustantimes (2024-05-16). Cargo Ship Tried To Fool Houthis To Go To Israel, But Then…: Yemeni Group's Claim | Gaza | Red Sea. Yemen's Houthi group, on May 15, claimed double attacks on vessels in the Red Sea. Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Saree claimed an attack on a U.S. Navy Destroyer ship. Saree added that the commercial ship that came under attack was identified as 'Destiny'. The Houthi Spokesperson did not specify the date when the two ships were targeted. Watch for more.

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