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2021-10-04: News Headlines

Staff (2021-10-04). "Blah, Blah, Blah": Youth Climate Activists Slam Political Inaction at U.N. Summit Ahead of COP26. democracynow.org Thousands of youth climate activists marched through the streets of Milan last week demanding world leaders meet their pledges to the Paris Climate Agreement and keep global temperatures from rising by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. The protest came at the end of a three-day youth climate conference, ahead of the United Nations' COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. Activists at the Youth4Climate conference slammed political inaction on the climate crisis and world leaders' vague pledges to reduce carbon emissions. "Historically, Africa is responsible for only 3% of global emissions," said Ugandan activist Vanessa Nak…

MEE staff (2021-10-03). Pandora Papers: King of Jordan secretly purchased $100m in luxury homes. middleeasteye.net Pandora Papers: King of Jordan secretly purchased $100m in luxury homes | Using offshore tax havens, King Abdullah II bought most of the homes – from luxury London apartments to a sprawling LA mansion – following the 2011 'Arab Spring' | Sun, 10/03/2021 – 19: 45 | King Abdullah II, who has ruled the country for more than two decades, has amassed an international luxury property empire that includes 14 homes (A…

_____ (2021-10-03). Solidarity With Longtime Anti-War Activist Joe Lombardo! popularresistance.org On the heels of its defeat in Afghanistan, the United States government has made it clear it is now once again setting its sights on anti-war activists in the United States. Their latest target is Joe Lombardo, a leader of the country's largest anti-imperialist coalition. Joe Lombardo is 73 years old and has been an organizer in the anti-war movement for decades. He is a cofounder and lead organizer for Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, a local anti-war group based near Albany, New York.

_____ (2021-10-03). Climate Activists Stage Protest At Airport Against Private Jet Emissions. popularresistance.org Extinction Rebellion activists claim to have blocked all major entrances to a private airport in protest against emissions from private jets. As part of the protest, a stretched limousine has been parked at the gates to Farnborough Airport in Hampshire. The protesters, including a former airline pilot, are raising awareness of the emissions caused by private flights.

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