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2022-05-04: News Headlines

_____ (2022-05-04). Democrats Have No Plan To Stop The Overturning Of Roe V. Wade. popularresistance.org The Supreme Court is on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade. And yet, there is currently no cohesive national campaign from either the Democratic party or large reproductive rights organizations to fight back. Abortion activists and healthcare workers are becoming increasingly frustrated with this failure, often finding themselves at odds with their supposed advocates as they try to ensure access to abortion in states like Texas and Kentucky, which are already facing extreme limitations. "The Democratic Party has not had any substantial response to the recent attacks on Roe. Their statements and brief denounceme…

Fight Back (2022-05-04). West Michigan unions and immigrants rally for May 1, International Workers Day. fightbacknews.org Grand Rapids, MI – West Michigan labor unions, politicians and socialist groups rallied and marched for International Workers Day on May 1 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. More than 70 union members and Asian-American, Chicano/Mexicano, and Black community activists and politicians gathered. The local unions also expressed solidarity for immigrant rights and justice for Patrick Lyoya, the young African man executed by Grand Rapids police officer Christopher Schurr. | "Solidarity and the need to organize and win power for workers has to be the focus of unions in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. Work is being redefi…

Rachel Hu, Chris Garaffa (2022-05-04). CovertAction Bulletin Podcast: Julian Assange & the U.S. War on Whistleblowers. covertactionmagazine.com In this special episode of CovertAction Bulletin, we spend the entire hour with former CIA analyst and field agent John Kiriakou. Kiriakou became a whistleblower when he exposed the CIA's official torture program—and then became the only person jailed for it. | We discuss how the ongoing campaign against Julian Assange should inform us about how to view and support the work of other whistleblowers. While Assange remains in prison and under threat of extradition and trial in the U.S., the threat to journalists, publishers and activists continues to grow.

Staff (2022-05-04). Saudi spy drone shot down in Yemen's Hajjah. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — Spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces Yahya Saree announced that they have managed to shoot down a Saudi armed spy drone over the Yemeni Hajjah province.

Staff (2022-05-04). Venezuela-Iran Relations: President Maduro Holds Meeting with Iran's Oil Minister Javad Owji. orinocotribune.com Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro held a meeting with the Minister of Petroleum of Iran, Javad Owji, to discuss strategic agreements between Venezuela and Iran. | #EnVivo | Presidente — Prensa Presidencial (@PresidencialVen)

Editor2 (2022-05-04). People Worldwide Mark Quds Day in Solidarity with Palestinians. orinocotribune.com Millions of people have taken to the streets for Quds Day rallies around the world to show solidarity with the Palestinians and condemn Israeli atrocities against them. | In Iran, demonstrations started at 10 a.m. local time (0530 GMT) in Tehran and some 900 others cities and towns across the country. | People taking part in the rallies seek to communicate to the world the deplorable conditions inflicted by Israel upon the Palestinians and press the Israeli regime to respect their rights. | They are also using the opportunity to highlight Israel's decades-long occupation of Palestine and the regime's atrocities a…

amarynth (2022-05-04). Nasrallah to Israel: 'From here on, Iran may strike you back directly'. thesaker.is Original link: http: //middleeastobserver.net/nasrallah-to-israel-from-here-on-iran-may-strike-you-back-directly/ Description: Hezbollah's leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel in a speech on International Quds Day on 29 April 2022, that the Islamic Republic of Iran may strike back…

Staff (2022-05-04). Behestan Castle in Zanjan province. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — Behestan castle is a historical castle located in Mahneshan County in Zanjan Province, Iran, near Behestan village and next to the Ghezel Ozan River.

Staff (2022-05-04). Iran's drone capabilities non-negotiable: MP. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — A senior Iranian lawmaker said that Iran's drone capability is part of Iran's defense power, adding that the drone capabilities are non-negotiable and is considered one of Iran's red lines.

Staff (2022-05-04). Pakistan committed to deepen, expand relations with Iran: PM. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif told the Iranian President that his country is committed to deepening and expanding ties with Iran.

Staff (2022-05-04). US should take action to redress Trump's illegal moves: FM. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister told his Irish counterpart that currently, it is the US side that must take action to redress Trump's illegal moves by adopting a realistic approach and moving toward a political initiative.

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-05-04). UN Special Rapporteur's Iran visit may add to sanctions. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — One has to cast serious doubt on the real mission of the visit of Alena Douhan, UN's Special Rapporteur on unilateral coercive measures to Iran in May as she could gather information to facilitate anti-Iran sanctions.

Staff (2022-05-04). Iran water share in Hemland critical to prevent dust storms. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — Special envoy of the Iranian President for Afghanistan Hassan Kazemi Ghomi said that supplying Iran's share of water in the Hirmand river is essential to prevent dust storms in southern Afghanistan.

Staff (2022-05-04). Iran, Turkey stress expanding coop. in environment field. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, in a phone talk with his Turkish counterpart stressed the need for expanding cooperation between Iran and Turkey on protecting the environment and common water resources.

Staff (2022-05-04). Raeisi says Kuwait position on regional conspiracies logical. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — Iranian President in a phone talk with the Emir of Kuwait described Kuwait's positions on regional conspiracies as logical, emphasizing that Iran-Kuwait relations should return to their true capacity as two old friends.

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-05-04). S. Korea inflation hits 13-yr high. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 03 (MNA) — South Korea's consumer inflation quickened far more than forecast and hit a more than 13-year high in April, boosting expectations in the bond market for more central bank interest rate rises this year.

Staff (2022-05-04). Iran seeks using all capacities to expand ties with Venezuela. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 04 (MNA) — Referring to his visit to Venezuela and meeting with the President of Venezuela, Iran's Oil Minister Javad Owji emphasized the development of cooperation between Iran and Venezuela.

José Manuel Blanco Diaz (2022-05-04). Washington Will Not Invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to Summit of the Americas. orinocotribune.com Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela will be excluded from participation at the Summit of the Americas, said Brian Nichols, assistant secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the US State Department. | During an interview with the Colombian television channel NTN24, Nichols confirmed the complaint that the Cuban government had recently expressed about its exclusion from the Summit of the Americas. Nichols stated, "Cuba, Nicaragua and the Maduro regime do not respect the Democratic Charter of the Americas and therefore I do not expect their presence." | The Summit of the Americas is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles…

Staff (2022-05-04). Sonrisas detrás del nasobuco, pero "sin cantar" victoria. cubadebate.cu Al cierre de esta nota periodística, cayendo la tarde del martes 3 de mayo, los partes informativos de los territorios insinuaban que este miércoles Cuba podría amanecer con menos de cien nuevos diagnósticos de COVID-19; había que esperar hasta las 12: 00 de la noche, cuando el MINSAP sella el reporte, que es el que tiene la última palabra.

Staff (2022-05-04). Comienza en Cuba encuesta nacional de ocupación para analizar características del empleo. cubadebate.cu Más de 60 000 viviendas participarán en Cuba desde este martes y hasta el próximo 30 de junio en la Encuesta Nacional de Ocupación, que permitirá el análisis de la características del empleo y el posterior desarrollo de políticas públicas. El ejercicio lo lidera la ONEI de forma anual desde la década de los años 80 del pasado siglo.

Staff (2022-05-04). Las 3 del día: FITCuba 2022, Romerías de Mayo y las noticias de hoy (+ Podcast). cubadebate.cu En esta emisión estaremos comentando sobre dos importantes eventos que se desarrollan esta semana en el país: la Feria Internacional del Turismo, FITCuba 2022, y las Romerías de Mayo. En Varadero y en Holguín se encuentra equipos de prensa de Cubadebate para dar cobertura periodística a estas celebraciones.

Staff (2022-05-04). Cuba denuncia perjuicios en sector de las comunicaciones y la informática por bloqueo de EEUU. cubadebate.cu El bloqueo de Estados Unidos repercute con fuerza en el sector de las comunicaciones y la informática en Cuba y genera pérdidas millonarias, pese a lo cual el país sigue desplegando acciones y proyectos para avanzar en el proceso de informatización de la sociedad, afirmó la representación de la Isla ante Naciones Unidas.

Staff (2022-05-04). Consideran "inexplicable" en la ONU demora en visados a corresponsales de Prensa Latina. cubadebate.cu La presidenta de la Asociación de Corresponsales de Naciones Unidas (UNCA, por sus siglas en inglés), Valeria Robecco, declaró que le sorprende la "inexplicable demora" de las autoridades de Estados Unidos en la entrega de visas a periodistas de Prensa Latina acreditados ante la ONU, quienes llevan más de dos años de espera sin recibir respuesta.

Staff (2022-05-04). Cuba reporta 93 nuevos casos de COVID-19 y ningún fallecido. cubadebate.cu Al cierre de este martes 3 de mayo, Cuba reportó 93 nuevos casos de COVID-19, ningún fallecido y 210 altas médicas. Actualmente hay 635 casos activos, informó el Minsap en su parte diario.

Staff (2022-05-04). Jefa de la Comisión Europea pide veto del petróleo ruso y más cerco financiero en sexto paquete de sanciones contra Moscú. cubadebate.cu Al presentar el proyecto de nuevo paquete de sanciones contra Rusia, el sexto que implementaría la UE desde el inicio de la guerra en Ucrania, Ursula von der Leyen pidió prohibir las importaciones de petróleo ruso y sancionar al mayor banco y a televisoras importantes del país euroasiático.

Staff (2022-05-04). Con Filo: Suicidas (+ Video). cubadebate.cu La contrarrevolución destaca por sus "suicidas morales", esos que echan por la borda cualquier prestigio o credibilidad que pudieran haber tenido. De ellos se habló este martes en el programa Con Filo.

Staff (2022-05-04). La cultura francesa en Cuba durante todo mayo. cubadebate.cu La cultura francesa en todo su esplendor llegará nuevamente a Cuba del 3 al 26 de mayo, como parte de una festividad que cuenta con un prestigio consolidado en una isla donde la cultura brilla en cada espacio. En el Mes de la Cultura Francesa artistas de ese país europeo visitarán la mayor de las Antillas y colaborarán con creadores del patio.

Staff (2022-05-04). Comenzó en Guantánamo Seminario Internacional de Paz y contra las Bases Militares Extranjeras. cubadebate.cu El VII Seminario Internacional de Paz y por la Abolición de las Bases Militares Extranjeras, inició hoy en la ciudad de Guantánamo, con la participación de integrantes de organizaciones de paz y solidaridad, así como personalidades antibelicistas.

Staff (2022-05-04). Noam Chomsky sobre Julian Assange: Cometió un pecado capital al develar crímenes de los Estados Unidos. cubadebate.cu En una reciente entrevista, realizada por su fiel colaborador, C. J. Polychroniou, Noam Chomsky, una de las más destacadas personalidades académicas vivas, comparte su opinión sobre el caso de Julian Assange y lo que revela sobre los principios democráticos estadounidenses su ya casi segura extradición a los Estados Unidos, por haber cometido el "delito" de divulgar información pública sobre las guerras de Afganistán e Irak. Cubadebate reproduce este fragmento…

Staff (2022-05-04). øNecesidad o alternativa?: Los desafíos del pluriempleo en Cuba. cubadebate.cu En Cuba, a diferencia de otros países, "no hay una tendencia al pluriempleo", aun cuando desde 2009 se legalizó como alternativa laboral. Según la ministra de Trabajo y Seguridad Social, Marta Elena Feitó Cabrera, esto se debe a la gratuidad en los servicios de salud y educación. También inciden, como señalaron comentarios en Cubadebate, la burocracia, las rigideces y el desconocimiento de lo normado.

Staff (2022-05-04). Jornadas contra la Homofobia y la Transfobia respaldan derechos para todas las familias. cubadebate.cu Las XV Jornadas cubanas contra la homofobia y la transfobia que desarrolla el Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual respaldan en esta ocasión el proyecto del nuevo Código de las Familias, que promueve el respeto y la dignidad de la pluralidad familiar. Bajo el lema "Todos los derechos para todas las familias", se extienden desde el 4 al 21 de mayo.

Staff (2022-05-04). Servicios Médicos Cubanos y Grupo Cubanacán firman acuerdo para promover turismo de salud. cubadebate.cu La empresa mercantil Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A (CSMC, S.A.) y el Grupo Cubanacán firmaron este miércoles un acuerdo que incluye diversos programas para promover el turismo de salud en la Isla. La firma tuvo lugar en el marco de FitCuba 2022 que se desarrolla hasta el 7 de mayo en Varadero.

Staff (2022-05-04). Sabor y Tradición: Sopa de maíz tierno, plátano a la vinagreta y mayonesa tropical. cubadebate.cu Les recomiendo Páginas bien condimentadas, de Adrina Loredo, compilado por Ana María Borroto Trujillo. Es una lectura amena y con mucha información. Hoy les propongo estas recetas que espero sean de su agrado: sopa de maíz tierno, plátano a la vinagreta, mayonesa tropical y pollo estofado.

Staff (2022-05-04). Llega a México delegación cubana para Campeonato Panamericano de Luchas 2022. cubadebate.cu Una delegación de Cuba arribó este martes a Acapulco, México, donde desde este miércoles comenzarán las actividades oficiales del Campeonato Panamericano de Luchas 2022. Los integrantes de la delegación viven sus primeras sesiones de preparación y debutarán el jueves 5 de mayo en el estilo grecorromano.

Staff (2022-05-04). Aerolínea World2fly tiene agencia en Santa Clara. cubadebate.cu La aerolínea World2fly ya cuenta con su agencia de pasajes desde y hacia España en el boulevard de Santa Clara, exactamente en la calle Independencia No. 57, entre Villuendas y Juan Bruno Zayas. La venta de boletos, en lo que constituye la primera oficina de la compañía aérea fuera de la capital cubana, quedó establecida a partir de este martes 3 de mayo.

Staff (2022-05-04). El tiempo: Chubascos y tormentas eléctricas en gran parte del país. cubadebate.cu 🌦Amanecerá parcialmente nublado en zonas de la costa norte central, con poca nubosidad en el resto del país. Desde el final de la mañana estará parcialmente nublado y se nublará gradualmente a partir del mediodía en gran parte del país, con chubascos y tormentas eléctricas, que serán numerosos en la región central y pueden ser fuertes en algunas localidades.

Staff (2022-05-04). Hoy en la Mesa Redonda: Conversando con Ignacio Ramonet. mesaredonda.cubadebate.cu El reconocido intelectual español Ignacio Ramonet estará este miércoles en la Mesa Redonda para conversar sobre temas de actualidad política, social y comunicacional en el mundo.

Staff (2022-05-04). Interior Minister of Venezuela: Civic-Military Union Defeated Operation Gideon. orinocotribune.com On Tuesday, May 3, the two year anniversary of Operation Negro Primero, which defeated the coup and assassination attempt Operation Gideon, was commemorated in La Guaira state, Venezuela. A ceremony was held in La Guaira, attended by the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, as well as local civil and military authorities and members of the PSUV National Directorate. | During the ceremony, Cabello said, "This Revolution will live as long as we remain united in our struggles. Unity is the greatest guarantee of victories." | La estrategia Bolivariana al mando del…

José Manuel Blanco Diaz (2022-05-04). 2022 Forecast for Venezuela's Economy. orinocotribune.com The growth in the Venezuelan economy is confirmed by studies that are constantly carried out by various multilateral organizations. Positive forecasts coincide when experts analyze Venezuela's performance for the year 2022 . | As can be seen in various publications in the media and on social networks, everything points to the continued growth of the productive economic apparatus in the months to come. While the figures differ in some cases, they agree on the conclusion that economic indicators are positive, following the nation's exit from hyperinflation. | GDP growth estimates vary from 1.5%—according to t…

Peoples Dispatch (2022-05-03). Colombia records assassination of 62 activists in first quadrimester of 2022. peoplesdispatch.org According to INDEPAZ, in addition to the assassination of 62 social activists and 18 ex-combatants, 37 massacres have also been recorded in the first four months of this year…

Amy Goodman (2022-05-03). Russian and US Escalations Raise Risk of Direct Military Clash in Ukraine. truthout.org As President Biden seeks $33 billion more for Ukraine, we look at the dangers of U.S. military escalation with Medea Benjamin of CodePink and George Beebe of the Quincy Institute. He is the former head of Russia analysis at the CIA and a former adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney. The massive spending in Ukraine that outweighs public funding to combat the coronavirus pandemic shows that "there are very few things that the Biden administration thinks are more important right now than defeating Russia, and I don't think that accords, actually, with the priorities of the American people," says Beebe. "To support t…

_____ (2022-05-03). On Venezuela, Only Hawkish 'Dissent' Allowed. popularresistance.org Another NATO war means a media establishment in a propaganda frenzy once again. Corporate media outlets have cheered Washington for throwing fuel to the fire in Ukraine, with some demanding that the administration escalate yet more. Be it through their choice of pundits, or their own reporters haranguing White House officials for not sending enough weaponry, one thing is clear enough: Elite media will only criticize official foreign policy for not being hawkish enough. | When it comes to Venezuela, corporate journalists have historically had little to criticize, given Washington's "maximum pressure" regime-change…

Peoples Dispatch (2022-05-03). 64 activists have been assassinated in Colombia in the first four months of 2022. peoplesdispatch.org According to INDEPAZ, in addition to the assassination of 64 social activists and 18 ex-combatants, 37 massacres have also been recorded in the first four months of this year…

Abortion Rights Now (2022-05-03). Immediate Response to Supreme Court Leak at Federal Bldg in Oakland. indybay.org On May 2 at 5: 30pm Pacific Time, the news hit that the U.S. Supreme Court plans to strike down Roe v. Wade, overturning abortion rights, according to a draft majority opinion obtained by Politico. Abortion rights activists in Oakland, California were on the streets within 3 hours. | 44 second mp4 video…

amarynth (2022-05-03). Queen and king set out on the chessboard. thesaker.is When a broken empire warns that "geopolitics is back", we all know what means Translated for the Saker Blog from the original text in Portuguese from Geopol.pt It is clear…

WSWS (2022-05-03). New York grand jury, impaneled to consider charges against Trump, expires without issuing indictment. wsws.org While District Attorney Alvin Bragg has stated the investigation is ongoing, Trump will not face any criminal charges related to his business empire in the near future.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-05-03). From Douma to Xinjiang to Bucha, the U.S. Empire's Atrocity Propaganda is the Same. libya360.wordpress.com Rainer Shea "Humanitarianism" is the weapon that modern U.S. imperialism uses as the cornerstone in its campaigns to destabilize countries and regions. By presenting its violence as a selfless effort to save the people it targets, the empire can not just claim its hands are clean, but pose as heroic. It's a natural evolution from…

WSWS (2022-05-03). Widespread anti-war sentiment at May Day demonstrations in Germany. wsws.org At the rally in Dàºsseldorf, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Social Democratic Party) was shouted down as a "warmonger," and in Berlin, the city's Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) was pelted with eggs.

Marzieh Rahmani (2022-05-03). Vienna talks underway through exchange of written messages. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 03 (MNA) — The Vienna talks have not stopped, but continue in another process to lift the sanctions, the Iranian Foreign Minister said, adding that the talks are under through the exchange of written messages with the Americans.

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-05-03). Huge ship docks at Caspian port in Gilan province. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 03 (MNA) — A 5,000-ton ship carrying cooking oil docked in the Caspian port in the northern Iranian province of Gilan on Monday. The ship seems to have arrived from Russia.

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