2023-10-31: News Headlines

Chris Hedges, Scheer Post. (2023-10-31). Exterminate All The Brutes. popularresistance.org Genocide lies at the core of Western imperialism. It is not unique to Israel. It is not unique to the Nazis. It is the building block of Western domination. The humanitarian interventionists who insist we should bomb and occupy other nations because we embody goodness — although they promote military intervention only when it is perceived to be in our national interest — are useful idiots of the war machine and global imperialists. They live in an Alice-in-Wonderland fairytale where the rivers of blood we spawn make the world a happier and better place. They are the smiley faces of genocide. You can w…

teleSUR (2023-10-31). Venezuela Demands to Stop the Genocide Against the Palestinians. telesurenglish.net On Monday, the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, reiterated his call for an end to the genocide against the Palestinian people by Israel. | RELATED: | "We must demand, with one voice, an end to the genocide against the Palestinian people," the Bolivarian leader stated. | "They want to exterminate the Palestinian people. It's the same extermination plan that Adolf Hitler carried out against the Jewish people, and it w…

teleSUR (2023-10-31). US Peace Activists Arrested at a Hearing With Antony Blinken. telesurenglish.net On Tuesday, CODEPINK activists peacefully disrupted the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken while he made a presentation before the Senate Appropriations Committee and demanded him to halt Washington's support for Israeli war crimes. | RELATED: | "How can you send more weapons to Israel while it mercilessly bombs Palestinians, including a child every 10 minutes, and levels hospitals, schools, residences," sa…

Ana Luisa Brown (2023-10-31). Cuba calls for unity at solar energy event in India (+Photo). plenglish.com New Delhi, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuba called for for unity and international collaboration on Tuesday at the 6th Session of the General Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), which is taking place in this capital with the participation of representatives from 116 countries.

Luis Linares Petrov (2023-10-31). Cambodia holds day against US blockade of Cuba. plenglish.com Members of the Cuba Solidarity Movement, Cuban collaborators, Cubans residing in Cambodia, faculty and university students, participated in the activities. | Flags of Cambodia and Cuba were raised at Wat Non, the largest natural elevation in the city, in support not only of the demand for the end of the blockade but also for the exclusion of Cuba from the list of states sponsoring terrorism. | The vice president of the Association of Cambodian Graduates in Cuba, Bun Therun, expressed his support for Cuba, hours away from the presentation to the United Nations General Assembly, of a resolution calling for the end…

geo.tv (2023-10-31). Yemen's Houthis 'launch missiles, drones' at Israel. geo.tv Operation was third targeting Israel and there will be more, Houthi military says…

Michael Arria (2023-10-31). The Shift: White House compares Palestine activists to Charlottesville fascists. mondoweiss.net At a briefing yesterday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seemingly compared Palestine activists to the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, VA in 2017.

Larry Johnson (2023-10-31). China and Russia Playing Military and Diplomatic Cards in the Middle East. sonar21.com The Western public, especially the Americans, while focused intensely on the Israeli war with Hamas and the Palestinian people, is paying little attention to what China and Russia are doing in the region to support Iran. There is strong sentiment among the political class in the United States to take advantage of this moment and attack Iran. | What they are failing to take into account is that China, using a flotilla of its navy, sent a clear signal that it is no longer a passive observer in the war between Israel and Hamas. Six Chinese war ships sailed into the Persian Gulf, spending five days in Kuwait…

Luis Linares Petrov (2023-10-31). Ministers of Ethiopia and Venezuela hold meeting (+Photos). plenglish.com Addis Ababa, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, received the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Yván Gil, who is on an official visit to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation.

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2023-10-31). China's President congratulates Cuban scientist. plenglish.com Xi stated in a letter that international scientific and technological cooperation is a decisive trend. | The Chinese president stressed the "strong friendship" between the two countries, "forged by the older generation of leaders." | "I express sincere hope that China-Cuba cooperation in several fields, including technology, could continue to deepen in this new era to benefit the people of the two nations," he wrote. | At another point, the head of State noted that countries globally should jointly promote peace and the development of humanity through technological innovation. | Xi also highlighted the contribut…

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2023-10-31). Urban Forum in Cuba celebrates World Cities Day. plenglish.com Havana, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) World Cities Day is celebrated in Cuba on Tuesday in the context of the 10th Urban Forum, which is being held at the Conference Center in this capital under the guidance of the National Institute of Territorial Planning and Urbanism of Cuba.


Alina Ramos Martin (2023-10-31). Díaz-Canel applauds Cuba's successes in Santiago 2023. plenglish.com Havana, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel congratulated the judo and tennis players of the Caribbean country who won gold medals at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

Ana Luisa Brown (2023-10-31). Cuba calls on the world to condemn U.S. blockade. plenglish.com Havana, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel today called on the international community to join his country in condemning the blockade imposed by the United States on the island for more than six decades.

Ana Luisa Brown (2023-10-31). Cuban F. M. arrived in the U.S. for UN vote against blockade. plenglish.com United Nations, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez arrived today in New York to take part in the consideration of the project Necessity of putting an end to the US blockade imposed on Cuba, which will take place in the United Nations General Assembly.

Ana Perdigón (2023-10-31). Venezuela: Supreme Court Suspends Opposition Primaries Results. orinocotribune.com The Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice's (TSJ) Electoral Chamber suspended all the results of the different phases of the internal opposition elections organized by the National Primary Commission (CNP). This comes after accepting an appeal filed by opposition deputy José Brito. | This Monday, October 30, the Electoral Chamber released ruling 122 requesting the application of precautionary safeguarding. Therefore, all the results of the opposition primaries are suspended. Despite this decision, due to the private consultation nature of the opposition electoral event, where far-right pre-candidate María Corina Ma…

Editor (2023-10-31). Tales of Resistance: A Perilous 'Honeymoon' with the U.S. mronline.org In her latest column, Jessica Dos Santos discusses what the Venezuelan government should prioritize during this period of alleviated sanctions.

Luis Linares Petrov (2023-10-31). Ministers of Ethiopia and Venezuela hold meeting. plenglish.com Addis Ababa, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, received the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Yván Gil, who is on an official visit to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation.

teleSUR (2023-10-31). Venezuela and Ethiopia Strengthen Bilateral Relations. telesurenglish.net On Monday, the Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil met with Ethiopia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen Hassen, in Addis Ababa. | RELATED: | "We are continuing our visit to Ethiopia with a significant meeting. We discussed deepening our bilateral cooperation in areas such as agriculture, tourism, energy, and air connectivity," Gil shared on social media. | During the meeting held at the Ethiopian Fore…

teleSUR, DRL (2023-10-31). Fuerzas yemeníes atacan Israel en represalia por asedio en Gaza. telesurtv.net El ejército sionista de Israel informó anteriormente de una "intrusión de aviones hostiles" que activó sirenas de advertencia en el área de Eilat, una ciudad turística en el mar Rojo…

teleSUR- jaa, JGN (2023-10-31). Idalys Ortiz gana noveno oro de Cuba en Juegos Panamericanos. telesurtv.net Además del oro de Idalys Ortiz, en los 90 kilogramos para hombres, el cubano Iván Silva también ganó el oro al igual que su compatriota Andy Granda en más de 100kg.

teleSUR, MER (2023-10-31). Venezuela: basta del genocidio contra el pueblo palestino. telesurtv.net El jefe de Estado destacó que en varios países se han realizado numerosas movilizaciones en respaldo al pueblo palestino.

teleSUR, MER (2023-10-31). Presidente de Venezuela: basta del genocidio contra el pueblo palestino. telesurtv.net El jefe de Estado destacó que en varios países se han realizado numerosas movilizaciones en respaldo al pueblo palestino.

teleSUR, rp, JGN (2023-10-31). Cinco canciones para recordar al cantautor Alí Primera. telesurtv.net Gracias a su compromiso con las causas justas, el cantautor Alí Primera fue bautizado como "El cantor del pueblo".

teleSUR, YSM (2023-10-31). Venezuela entrega 26 toneladas de ayuda humanitaria a México. telesurtv.net El donativo se realizó a nombre del presidente Nicolás Maduro y llegará a México en las próximas horas.

teleSUR- hvh DRL (2023-10-31). Venezuela y Etiopía fortalecen relaciones bilaterales. telesurtv.net Caracas abogó por el mantenimiento de "una fuerte unidad dentro de foros multilaterales para beneficio mutuo".

teleSUR, JCM (2023-10-31). Venezuela ofrece actualización sobre consulta por el Esequibo. telesurtv.net CNE de Venezuela habilita más de 20.6 millones de electores para referendo consultivo de Esequibo…

teleSUR, JCM, MER (2023-10-31). TSJ de Venezuela suspende todo el proceso del evento de primarias. telesurtv.net En la sentencia emitida, el TSE ordena la suspensión de todos los efectos de las distintas fases del evento de primarias por ser ilegales e inconstitucionales.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). 'Hamas' Al-Aqsa Storm result of years of oppression; Israeli genocide no sign of victory'. presstv.ir Iran's highest-ranking military commander says Palestinians decided to stand up against Israel instead of giving in to their gradual death at the hands of the occupying regime.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). Gaza genocide will not last a single day without US, Europe support: Leader's aide. presstv.ir A senior Iranian official says Israel's genocide in Gaza will not last even a single day without the US and Europe support.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). Israeli war machine targets area near Gaza's Al-Quds Hospital. presstv.ir The Red Crescent says some 14,000 people have sought shelter there.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). Iran, Qatar FMs discuss ways to end Israeli war on Gaza. presstv.ir Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian exchanges views with his Qatari counterpart about ways to end the genocidal Israeli war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). 'Top US commanders directing Israeli genocidal war; Tel Aviv's defeat definite'. presstv.ir A top Iranian general says high-profile American military commanders have gone to Tel Aviv to aid and abet the Israeli regime in its brutal military operations against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). Iran's FM meets with Hamas leader Haniyeh in Qatar's Doha. presstv.ir Iran's FM meets Hamas leader Haniyeh in Qatar's Doha in second such meeting since the conflict in Gaza started.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). Iran FM on 2nd visit to Qatar since Israel waged war on Gaza. presstv.ir The Iranian foreign minister travels to Doha to discuss with Qatari officials new initiatives aimed at ending Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). Iran's deputy FM: Israel will be annihilated if war on Gaza expands. presstv.ir An Iranian deputy foreign minister says if Israel keeps up its ongoing war against Gaza, it will lead to the regime's total annihilation.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). Yemeni army launches large-scale ballistic, drone strikes on Israeli targets. presstv.ir Yemeni Armed Forces have launched large-scale military strikes against Israeli targets in the occupied territories in support of the Palestinian people.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). Iran president: Condemnation of Israel at UN General Assembly important achievement. presstv.ir Iran's president hails the recent condemnation of Israel through a UN General Assembly resolution as an important achievement.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). Iran reaffirms support for referendum as viable solution to Palestinian issue. presstv.ir Iran says holding a referendum in Palestine can serve as a fundamental and political solution to the Palestinian issue.

presstv.ir (2023-10-31). UN envoy: Iran will give 'decisive' response to any threat to its security, national interests. presstv.ir Iran says it will give a decisive response if any threat is posed to its security and national interests.

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