2024-02-16: News Headlines

a guest author (2024-02-16). Petition to Biden, Blinken: Stop enabling genocide in Gaza and attacking Yemen, Iraq and Syria! workers.org The SanctionsKill Campaign is asking people to sign this petition to President Joe Biden's administration and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The SanctionsKill Campaign accuses the Biden administration of being an accomplice to crimes against humanity by aiding genocide in Gaza. This is in violation of the International Court of . . . |

The Canary. (2024-02-16). Palestine Action Target Two Companies At Once, Complicit In Israel's Genocide. popularresistance.org Palestine Action targeted two companies complicit in Israel's ongoing genocide in Gaza on Wednesday 14 February — shutting down one completely and shaming the other by painting it blood-red. | First, and the group "drenched" the Manchester offices of Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon in red paint, to symbolise the bank's complicity in Palestinian bloodshed. Activists also sprayed a message calling for Elbit to be shut down: | BNY Mellon invest over £10m in Elbit Systems, Israel's largest weapons firm, Elbit Systems, which provides 85% of Israel's military drone fleet and land based equipment, as well as m…

newarab (2024-02-16). Israeli drone tested in Gaza 'appears at Saudi Defence Expo'. newarab.com A previously classified Israeli Developed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the system comprises drones designed for intelligence gathering, espionage, and even assassination missions. Its centrepiece, the

albawaba (2024-02-16). Houthis target British ship in Gulf of Aden. albawaba.com ALBAWABA- Ansar Allah Houthi Military Spokesperson General Yahya Saree confirms a military operation targeting a British ship, "LYCAVITOS," in the Gulf of Aden. In his statement, Saree vowed that the Yemeni Armed Forces enforce a blockade on Israeli navigation in the Red and Arabian Seas until the Gaza siege is lifted. Earlier, the British Maritime Trade Operations Authority reported an incident east of Yemen's Aden port, with a cargo tanker suffering minor damage from an explosive shell.ÿ®Ÿäÿߟܟå ÿµÿßÿØÿ±Ÿ&arin…

newarab (2024-02-16). Houthis: More than 400 US, UK airstrikes in Yemen since Jan. newarab.com Yemen's In an official statement via the Saba news agency linked to the group, the Houthi spokesperson Dhaifallah Al-Shami reported the attacks by US and UK forces as strikes continued on other areas in "The total number of American and British airstrikes, both aerial and reconn…

Peoples Dispatch (2024-02-16). Constituents mount pressure against US Senator Chuck Schumer, chief ally to Israel. peoplesdispatch.org On February 15, Pro-Palestine activists staged a day-long picket outside of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's office in midtown Manhattan. Schumer is one of the chief supporters of Israel in the US government, which itself is the single largest funder of the Zionist state. Schumer has been spearheading the effort in the Senate to pass massive military aid to Israel, and was recently behind a successful effort to pass a

newarab (2024-02-16). Yemeni fishermen bleed money in Red Sea 'death trap'. newarab.com Hamdi Ghalib, 32, has been a fisherman for over a decade in Yemen's Al-Hodeidah province, which overlooks the Red Sea. His boat and nets are the equipment that enables him to make money to cover his six-member family's living expenses. | Hamdi tells The New Arab that fishing is dangerous today and may cost him his life. The danger has nothing to do with the rough sea or the strong wind. Instead, he fears being killed, injured, or kidnapped as the "It has bee…

Steve Early, Popular Resistance. (2024-02-16). The AFL-CIO Can Be Reformed, Locally And From The Bottom-Up! popularresistance.org Changing the leadership, structure, or functioning of any U.S. labor organization is no easy task. Activists and experts have long argued about whether dysfunctional unions are best reformed from the top-down, bottom-up, or some mix of the two approaches. | For the past 65 years, the main locus of union democracy and reform struggles in the U.S. has been local unions, which hold leadership elections every three years and are closest to the membership. Thousands of rank-and-file workers have campaigned for more militant unionism by running for and winning local office. | Some have had the backing of national netwo…

Dave DeCamp (2024-02-16). US Conducted Cyberattack on Alleged Iranian Spy Ship. news.antiwar.com The US recently conducted a cyberattack against an alleged Iranian spy ship that has been operating near Djibouti, NBC News reported Thursday, citing US officials. One US official identified the ship as the MV Behshad, which is registered as a cargo ship in Iran. The US claims the Behshad is used to provide intelligence to …

albawaba (2024-02-16). Massive explosion rocks petrochemical factory in Tehran. albawaba.com ALBAWABA- A chemical solvent production factory in Tehran, Iran, was engulfed in flames after a massive explosion, as reported by semi-official media. The cause of the blaze remains unknown, with no casualties reported at this time.

newarab (2024-02-16). US anti-boycott act raises free speech concerns. newarab.com This week, an anti-boycott act passed by a voice vote in US Congress is raising concerns among followers of the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, as well as free speech advocates over the potential for restrictions on political expression. |

Roger D. Harris (2024-02-16). Why the US Is Reimposing Sanctions on Venezuela. dissidentvoice.org Even the US business magazine Forbes expressed surprise at the reimposition of US sanctions on Venezuela's gold sales and its threat to do the same with oil. The oil sanctions especially, if reinstated, would precipitate higher gas prices and further debilitate the Venezuelan economy, forcing more people to leave the country out of economic necessity. …

Ileana Ferrer Fonte (2024-02-16). Cuba to hold National Craft Festival. plenglish.com Matanzas, Cuba, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban province of Matanzas will host the 3rd National Crafts Festival from March 17 to 19 to promote the creative arts in the country.

Oraily Madruga Rios (2024-02-16). Venezuela to host Caribbean Regional Seminar in May. plenglish.com Caracas, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) Caracas will host the Caribbean Regional Seminar, which will address noteworthy issues of the new multipolar world, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil announced on Thursday.

teleSUR, lvm, YSM (2024-02-16). Cuba solicitará a la CIJ pronunciamiento sobre genocidio en Palestina. telesurtv.net Al ratificar la postura del presidente cubano, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, la viceministra agregó que "Cuba jamás estará entre los indiferentes.

teleSUR, JDO (2024-02-16). Venezuela suspende actividades de oficina técnica de asesoría del Alto Comisionado de ONU para DD.HH. telesurtv.net Caracas realizará una revisión integral de los términos de cooperación técnica descritos en la Carta de Entendimiento firmada con dicha oficina.

teleSUR, YSM (2024-02-16). Inauguran XXXII Feria Internacional del Libro de La Habana en Cuba. telesurtv.net En esta edición, la feria está dedicada a los intelectuales cubanos Isabel Monal y Francisco López Sacha.

teleSUR, hvh, JDO (2024-02-16). Venezuela coopera para enfrentar derrame de crudo trinitense. telesurtv.net "Se han sostenido reuniones a nivel técnico con nuestros vecinos a fin de evaluar los impactos", indicó el canciller.

teleSUR, MER (2024-02-16). Presidente de Venezuela rechaza robo del avión de Emtrasur. telesurtv.net El Gobierno venezolano previamente había emitido un comunicado para repudiar el robo del avión por parte de EE.UU. con la participación de Argentina.

David S. D'Amato (2024-02-16). Yemen, Palestine and the End of US Legitimacy. counterpunch.org In March of 2015, just two months after the Houthis entered the presidential palace in Sanaa, prompting the resignation of President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, Saudi Arabia began a brutal military offensive designed to put a stop to the Houthi rebellion. This conflict would soon become one of the most destructive in the world. The United

Steve Early (2024-02-16). The AFL-CIO can be Reformed, Locally and from the Bottom-Up! counterpunch.org Changing the leadership, structure, or functioning of any U.S. labor organization is no easy task. Activists and experts have long argued about whether dysfunctional unions are best reformed from the top-down, bottom up, or some mix of the two approaches. For the past 65 years, the main locus of union democracy and reform struggles in the

ANDY (2024-02-16). Sunday 2/18: Ceasefire Postcards to Congress Pop-Up. indybay.org Heyma Yemeni Coffee at 1122 University Ave in Berkeley…

presstv.ir (2024-02-16). Iranian, Saudi FMs discuss developments in Gaza, Rafah. presstv.ir The Iranian and Saudi foreign ministers urge an emergency meeting of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers over Israel's crimes in Gaza and Rafah.

presstv.ir (2024-02-16). Iran calls for emergency OIC meeting on Israeli aggression in Rafah. presstv.ir Iran has called for an emergency meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to examine the dire humanitarian situation, especially after the recent Israeli strikes in Rafah.

presstv.ir (2024-02-16). Arab countries 'increasingly restricting' US action against Iran amid Gaza war: Report. presstv.ir A number of Arab countries are reportedly "increasingly restricting" the United States and its allies from conducting attacks from their soil against Iran.

presstv.ir (2024-02-16). Iran president: Gaza situation symbolic of unjust world structure. presstv.ir Iran's president says situation in the Gaza Strip, which is enduring a genocidal Israeli war, is symbolic of the unjustness of the governing global structure.

presstv.ir (2024-02-16). X removes checkmarks of Press TV, other Iranian media outlets under Israel lobby pressure. presstv.ir The social media platform X removes the blue and gold checkmarks from the verified accounts of Press TV and other Iranian media outlets.

presstv.ir (2024-02-16). Yemeni forces claim 'direct hit' on British ship in Gulf of Aden. presstv.ir Yemen says its armed forces fired missiles at a British ship passing though the Gulf of Aden on Thursday and scored a "direct hit" in their latest operation in solidarity with the Palestinians.

presstv.ir (2024-02-16). Iran to take 'reciprocal action' if its ships are seized: Top official. presstv.ir Iran's vice president for legal affairs says the country will reciprocate if its ships are seized illegally, as the United States acknowledges the confiscation of Iranian oil.

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