2024-03-27: News Headlines

greenleft.org.au (2024-03-27). Jewish activists demand an end to Israel's genocide, occupation, apartheid. greenleft.org.au

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2024-03-27). Israel Accelerates Murderous Rampage Defying the ICJ and UNSC Ceasfire Resolution. libya360.wordpress.com Israel carries out several attacks inside Lebanon and Syria killing civilians Peoples Dispatch A building in Lebanon destroyed by Israeli strikes. Photo: Al Manar An Israeli attack on an emergency response center in Lebanon killed seven people. Another set of strikes on Syria killed several soldiers and an Iranian military adviser. Despite the UN Security…

albawaba (2024-03-27). American raids on Syria claim 8 soldiers in Deir ez-Zor. albawaba.com ALBAWABA- 7 Syrian soldiers and a civilian lost their lives in Deir ez-Zor as a result of American airstrikes conducted at dawn today. Reports from Syrian agencies indicate that the raids targeted various towns, villages, and military sites in the region.Official Syrian media sources confirmed the devastating toll, stating that the American bombing in eastern Syria resulted in the deaths of 7 soldiers and one civilian.Meanwhile, Israeli security sources have corroborated reports of airstrikes targeting Iranian Revolutionary Guard positions in eastern Syria. Skynews Arabia, citing Iranian sources, reported that th…

Editor (2024-03-27). Mar 27, 2024. sitrepworld.info The Foggy Dew — Sinéad O'Connor & The Chieftains MoA: New York Times Misreports Gaza UNSC Resolution Stop the Worsening Undercount of Palestinian Casualties in Gaza, by Ralph Nader Redirecting: On Gaza and the Palestinian Resistance, by Mazin Qumsiyeh Peter Myers Digest: Israel and Gaza Cat McGuire Asks Jeff Brown about "Zio-American Empire vs. China," by Kevin Barrett Is "Neocon" synonymous with "Nazi"? by Don Hank Democracy Is an Ideal Government for Jewish Influence, by Thomas Dalton New Alliances and Military Strength Surge Amid Yemen's Unwavering Support for Gaza, by A Abdulkareem…

Peoples Dispatch (2024-03-27). Israel carries out several attacks inside Lebanon and Syria killing civilians. peoplesdispatch.org An Israeli attack on an emergency response center in Lebanon killed seven people. Another set of strikes on Syria killed several soldiers and an Iranian military adviser…

Caitlin Johnstone (2024-03-27). The Empire Slowly Suffocates Assange Like It Slowly Suffocates All Its Enemies. caitlinjohnstone.com.au The British High Court The court ruled that Assange may appeal only on the grounds that his freedom of speech might be restricte…

Staff (2024-03-27). Venezuela Condemns Brazil and Colombia's Interference in Electoral Process. orinocotribune.com Caracas ( In a

Waging Nonviolence (2024-03-27). 45 years after Three Mile Island, we need a 'No Nukes' comeback. pressenza.com As Biden sinks billions into nuclear energy, members of the historic Clamshell Alliance are reuniting to spark a new wave of anti-nuke resistance. | By Arnie Alpert | When a nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania went from a technological miracle to a pile of radioactive rubble in a matter of moments in 1979, the Portsmouth, New Hampshire office of the Clamshell Alliance became a hive of activity. I was working there at the time, fielding calls from activists and journalists from around the world. Everyone wanted our opinion since — over the previous few years — our nonviolent demonstrat…

Sara Harmouch — Amira Jadoon, (2024-03-27). How Moscow Terror Attack Fits ISIS-K's Strategy. counterpunch.org What is ISIS-K? ISIS-K, short for Islamic State Khorasan Province, is a regional affiliate of the larger Islamic State group. The affiliate group operates primarily in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, although it has presence throughout the historical "Khorasan" — a region that includes parts of the modern-day nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, along with other

Staff (2024-03-27). Iran will not hesitate to support Palestine: Supreme Leader. muslimmirror.com Tehran : Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said that Iran will not hesitate to support the Palestinian cause and the oppressed people of Gaza. The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh in Tehran on Tuesday. Ayatollah Khamenei praised the resistance of the …

Ariadna Eljuri (2024-03-27). Thirteen Candidates Set to Contend in Venezuela's July 28 Elections. orinocotribune.com A total of 13 candidates will compete on July 28 in Venezuela's presidential elections, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Elvis Amoroso, indicated this Tuesday. | In a press conference, Amoroso reported that 37 political organizations and parties were involved in the application process which took place between March 21 and 25. | The candidates are Luis Eduardo Martínez, Daniel Ceballos, Antonio Ecarri, Juan Carlos Alvarado, José Brito, Benjamín Rausseo, Javier Bertucci, Claudio Fermín, Luis Ratti, Enrique Márquez, Nicolás Maduro, Manuel Rosales, and Eduardo González Urrutia. | Amoroso stated…

Misión Verdad (2024-03-27). Treason and Scandal Among Opposition Candidates. orinocotribune.com In Venezuela, the process of registering presidential candidates for the July elections was carried out with significant drama, intrigue, and betrayals among the ranks of the various oppositions. | Manuel Rosales, leader of the Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) party and current governor of the state of Zulia, closed the registration day for opposition candidates, last in a long list of 12 figures from various spectrums of anti-Chavismo. | The closing of the process was decided by the controversy surrounding two names—Manuel Rosales and Corina Yoris—and by the various indications that there were apparent "problem…

csmonitor.com (2024-03-27). NBC sought a conservative voice. But its employees didn't want Ronna McDanielNBC News cut ties March 26 with former Republican National Committee chief Ronna McDaniel less than a week after hiring her as an on-air political contributor, a decision that followed a furious protest by some of its journalists and commentators.

Comment: This story shows how American MSM that only serves both Dems and Repubs has gotten stupider from year-to-year.

aa.com.tr (2024-03-27). Top UN court likely to issue tough decision against Israel for ongoing attacks on Gaza The world court will rule on the requested additional measures in the coming days, which may include criticism of Israel as well as requests for additional monitoring reports, according to the KAN broadcaster report.

newcoldwar.org (2024-03-27). Hezbollah retaliates against Israeli atrocities in Gaza with strikes on military bases Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement has conducted multiple operations against Israeli military outposts in the northern part of the 1948 occupied territories, expressing its unwavering support for Palestinians in Gaza amid a genocidal war.

ca.news.yahoo.com (2024-03-27). Palestinians drown trying to reach Gaza aid air-dropped by US into seaThe Pentagon confirmed that three of the 18 packages it air-dropped on Monday had parachute malfunctions and fell into the water just off the coast of the Strip. However, US officials did not confirm if any Gazans were killed while trying to reach the aid.

firstpost.com (2024-03-27). Teens in Gaza hoping to be killed to end their "nightmare" : UN – Firstpost A spokesman for the UN children's agency said on Tuesday that the situation in the war-torn Gaza is so bad that teens are increasingly expressing their desire to be quickly murdered in order to end the "nightmare".
  "The unspeakable is regularly said in Gaza," said James Elder, spokesman for the United Nations children's agency UNICEF.

greenleft.org.au (2024-03-27). Climate activists Violet Coco, Brad Homewood are heroes, not criminals. greenleft.org.au

| Entertainment Desk | (2024-03-27). Sean 'Diddy' Combs' accuser Lil Rod also says actor Cuba Gooding Jr. participated in assault. tribune.com.pk Lil Rod, the rapper who accused Sean 'Diddy' Combs' of assault is now alleging that Oscar winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. also harassed him in January last year. | According to the lawsuit, Combs introduced Jones to the actor and left them alone in a studio on Combs' yacht. | "Cuba Gooding Jr. began touching, groping, and fondling Mr. Jones' legs, his upper inner thighs near his groin, the small of his back near his buttocks and his shoulders," Jones' lawsuit alleges. | The complaint includes a photo showing Gooding with his arm around Jones, as well as another photo depicting Combs and Gooding in conversation…

Editor (2024-03-27). Three lies about Cuba debunked. mronline.org All across the corporate media today, there are stories attacking Cuba and its revolution.

teleSUR, MER (2024-03-27). Presidente de Venezuela: vamos a hacer respetar la soberanía del pueblo. telesurtv.net El mandatario expresó que los venideros comicios son los que, en los últimos 60 años, se han visto con mayor diversidad ideológica, política y pluralidad.

teleSUR, JCM, MER (2024-03-27). CNE de Venezuela ofrece balance de inscripciones de candidatos. telesurtv.net El CNE de Venezuela indicó que son 13 los candidatos que fueron inscritos para los venideros comicios presidenciales.

teleSUR, DRL (2024-03-27). Fiscalía de Venezuela confirma detención de sujetos que buscaban generar violencia. telesurtv.net El fiscal general de Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, desvinculó las detenciones de la víspera al proceso electoral en marcha.

teleSUR, YSM (2024-03-27). Cuba rechaza intentos de acudir a violencia en Venezuela. telesurtv.net Rodríguez precisó que Venezuela tiene derecho a desarrollar su proceso electoral "sin injerencias ni imposiciones".

teleSUR, JCM (2024-03-27). Venezuela rechaza injerencia de Colombia en asuntos internos. telesurtv.net Consideró un pronunciamiento de la Cancillería de Colombia sobre las elecciones en el país suramericano como un acto de grosera injerencia en asuntos que solo le competen a los venezolanos.

Staff (2024-03-27). teleSUR fue galardonado con el premio El Maestro. telesurtv.net La entrega de estas distinciones subraya el reconocimiento al esfuerzo y dedicación de teleSUR y su equipo, por ofrecer una perspectiva distinta en el panorama informativo global.

teleSUR, DRL (2024-03-27). Autoridades turcas detienen 150 presuntos terroristas. telesurtv.net Durante los operativos fueron capturados 2919 sospechosos. De estos; 692 fueron detenidos. Se dictó decisión de control judicial para 531 y continúan 187 procesos judiciales.

teleSUR, rzr, MS (2024-03-27). Irán entrega ayuda humanitaria a refugiados palestinos en Siria. telesurtv.net Esta ayuda humanitaria reviste gran importancia para los palestinos residentes en Siria, quienes esperan compartirla con sus hermanos de la franja de Gaza, todavía bajo el asedio del ejército israelí.

teleSUR, YSM (2024-03-27). Nicaragua saluda al presidente Nicolás Maduro en momentos de batalla. telesurtv.net El texto reitera las certezas de que, junto a Nicaragua, Venezuela alcanzará todas las victorias.

CADTM International (2024-03-27). Where is Zinaba? Where are the abducted Burkina Faso activists? cadtm.org

newarab (2024-03-27). UK pro-Palestine group shuts down Israeli-owned arms factory. newarab.com Pro-Palestine activist group Eight activists blockaded all three access points into the Instro Precision weapons factory in Discovery Park Kent, owned by Elbit Systems, the Israeli arms manufacturer. | Founded in 2020,

newarab (2024-03-27). Airstrikes in Syria kill Iranian adviser, WHO team member. newarab.com A series of airstrikes in eastern It was not immediately clear who was behind the airstrikes in Syria's eastern province of Deir Az-Zour that borders Iraq. | The British-base…

newarab (2024-03-27). Iran, Russia, China 'behind conspiracies' on Kate Middleton. newarab.com

newarab (2024-03-27). Saudi Arabia to have its first ever Miss Universe candidate. newarab.com Saudi Arabia will have its first-ever Riyadh-born Alqahtani has already competed in, and won, beauty pageants across the world, including most recently Miss and Mrs Global Asian in Malaysia. | The 27-year-old model and influencer has already been crowned Miss Saudi Arabia…

presstv.ir (2024-03-27). Yemeni army says hit 6 ships in 72 hours in Gulf of Aden, Red Sea. presstv.ir Yemen has been targeting Israeli vessels or those "associated" with the regime in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea since October 7, 2023.

presstv.ir (2024-03-27). Iran proud of supporting Palestine's cause: Raeisi. presstv.ir Raeisi tells Hamas leader that Iran feels proud for supporting the cause of Palestine.

presstv.ir (2024-03-27). Iran renews gas export contract with Iraq: Oil Ministry. presstv.ir Iran signs a 5-year extension on its gas supply deal with Iraq.

presstv.ir (2024-03-27). Iran 'fully ready' to cooperate with independent countries to fight terrorism: Ambassador. presstv.ir Iran's ambassador to Russia condemns the recent deadly terrorist attack in a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow, expressing the Islamic Republic's readiness to cooperate with independent countries in the fight against terrorism.

presstv.ir (2024-03-27). Iran will never hesitate to support Gaza, Palestine: Leader. presstv.ir Ayatollah Khamenei says Iran has a fixed policy of supporting Palestine and Gaza.

presstv.ir (2024-03-27). Pakistan says Iran's gas project 'need of the hour', pushes for US sanctions waiver. presstv.ir Pakistan says Islamabad's position on the gas transfer project with the Islamic Republic is not merely an expression of desire but "the need of the hour."

scorinoco (2024-03-27). US Airstrikes on Syria Kill 7 Syrian Army Soldiers and a Military Advisor From Iran. orinocotribune.com US airstrikes on the eastern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor killed seven soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and a military advisor of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). | The official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that US warplanes carried out 10 simultaneous strikes on residential neighborhoods and military installations in the province, including the cities of Deir Ezzor, Mayadin, and Bukamal, on Tuesday, March 26. | The overnight airstrikes also injured 19 soldiers and 13 civilians, and caused material damage to public and private property. | IRGC advisor Behrouz Vahedi was martyred when US…

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