2024-04-13: News Headlines

Ceasefire Postcards (2024-04-13). Sunday 4/14: Ceasefire Postcards to Congress Pop-Up. indybay.org Heyma Yemeni Coffee at 1122 University Ave in Berkeley…

Joe Lombardo (2024-04-13). UNAC conference draws hundreds to oppose genocide in Gaza and a hybrid war against China — Focus on building unity in action. workers.org The United National Antiwar Coalition released the following news release on April 8 which has been lightly edited. Over 400 antiwar, anti-imperialist and Palestine solidarity activists convened in St. Paul, Minnesota, on April 5, 6 and 7, in the first major conference of the U.S. antiwar movement since before the . . . |

ptcnews.tv (2024-04-13). Israel-Iran conflict: Israel braces for possible Iranian attack in retaliation for Damascus embassy killing. ptcnews.tv PTC Web Desk: Israel is preparing for a potential direct attack from Iran in retaliation for the recent killing of a senior officer in Iran's embassy in Damascus. US intelligence reports suggest the retaliation could occur as early as Sunday, sparking concerns about a possible regional conflict. | US President Joe Biden has warned Israel about the possibility of an Iranian strike, urging the clerical state to re…

Editor (2024-04-13). Apr 13, 2024. sitrepworld.info Daniil Trifonov — Bach: Cantata BWV 147: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring Imagine No War, by A.J. Smuskiewicz Getting Gaza Right Is The Absolute Bare Minimum Requirement, by Caitlin Johnstone Israel is Losing the War and the IDF Won't Survive Iran's Retaliation | Scott Ritter (Video) Israel in despair over possible Iranian retaliation, by Lucas Leiroz 'Utterly Insane Strategy' — Why Friedman Thinks Gaza War is 'Unwinnable' for Israel — Pal Chronicle Israel Humiliated, Iraq, Lebanon Down Ships, Ports, and IDF Drones — Danny Haiphong (Video) Day 189: Israel and U.S. brace…

WSWS (2024-04-13). Biden gives Israel "ironclad" backing against Iranian retaliatory strike. wsws.org Biden's "ironclad" guarantee amounts to a blank cheque to the Israeli regime to carry out illegal acts of aggression anywhere in the Middle East, including on Iran.

Angela (2024-04-13). Tuesday 4/16: Virtual Event: No War With Iran: Codepink Congress Capitol Calling Party. indybay.org Zoom | www.codepink.org/cpc416

teleSUR, MER (2024-04-13). Ministerio Público de Venezuela colabora en investigación con Chile. telesurtv.net El fiscal venezolano explicó que la solicitud de cooperación interinstitucional por parte de Chile fue recibida en la víspera.

teleSUR, MER (2024-04-13). Gobierno de Venezuela ratifica rechazo a cualquier forma de injerencismo en asuntos internos. telesurtv.net La reunión entre delegaciones de Venezuela y Estados Unidos se realizó el pasado 9 de abril en Ciudad de México.

teleSUR, MER (2024-04-13). Realizan foro sobre hechos de abril de 2002 en Venezuela. telesurtv.net El primer vicepresidente del PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, destacó la importancia del encuentro para el despertar de la nueva generación.

newarab (2024-04-13). Israel preparing for 'direct attack' by Iran: reports. newarab.com

newarab (2024-04-13). Israel on alert after Iranian threat as Gaza war grinds on. newarab.com Days after Israel strengthened its air defences and paused leave for combat units, the United States also warned of the risk of an attack by Iran or its allied groups at…

newarab (2024-04-13). Al-Hilal crush Al-Ittihad 4—1 to lift Saudi Super Cup. newarab.com Jorge Jesus's side, top of the Al-Hilal took an early lead after five minutes through Malcom following a one-two with Saleh Al-S…

newarab (2024-04-13). Argentine court blames Iran and Hezbollah for 1994 attack. newarab.com

newarab (2024-04-13). MENA Sports Wrap: Moroccan player whipped by angry Saudi fan. newarab.com

newarab (2024-04-13). Anousheh Ansari: Building a better world, from here to space. newarab.com Anousheh Ansari was born a curious child, always asking 'why?' But the question more suited to the history-making entrepreneur and CEO is perhaps 'why not?' | In 2006, Anousheh became the first Iranian to travel to space, a goal she'd set her sights on from a very young age. | | But there were more than a few barriers to getting there — firstly, the fact that Iran didn't have a space progr…

presstv.ir (2024-04-13). Yemen holds firm despite US concessions for ending pro-Palestine operations: Report. presstv.ir The US offered to remove Ansarullah from its 'terrorism list' as soon as they halt anti-Israel operation in the Red Sea…

presstv.ir (2024-04-13). Iran urges Italy to make efforts to end Israel's genocide in Gaza. presstv.ir Iran calls on Italy to make efforts to end Israel's genocide and war crimes in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank.

presstv.ir (2024-04-13). Iran stresses need for greater pressure on Israel to stop 'genocide'. presstv.ir Iran has underlined the need for greater pressure on Israel to stop the war and genocide in Gaza, and end the policy of starving Gazans.

presstv.ir (2024-04-13). 'Punishing aggressor a necessity', Iran FM tells German counterpart. presstv.ir Iran's foreign minister has told his German counterpart that "legitimate defense with the aim of punishing the aggressor is a necessity" after Israel's April 1 airstrike on the Iranian consular section in Damascus.

presstv.ir (2024-04-13). China raps attack on Iran consulate, urges US to play constructive role. presstv.ir China has condemned the Israeli attack on Iran's diplomatic premises in Syria and called on the United States to play "a constructive role" in the West Asia region.

presstv.ir (2024-04-13). Iran raps UK stance on Israeli strike as Cameron calls for restraint. presstv.ir The UK's top diplomat gets a dressing-down from his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollian over Britain's refusal to condemn Israel's recent airstrike in Damascus.

presstv.ir (2024-04-13). Iran's need for production surge and its requirements. presstv.ir Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has designated the new Persian year of 1403 as the year of "Surge in Production Through People's Participation".

presstv.ir (2024-04-13). Thousands of Yemenis mark al-Quds Day in capital Sana'a. presstv.ir Thousands of Yemenis marched to mark al-Quds Day on Friday (April 5) in Sana'a.

presstv.ir (2024-04-13). Iran's freestyle wrestling team crowned at 2024 Asian Championships. presstv.ir The Iranian men's national freestyle wrestling team has won the title of the 2024 Asian Championships.

Larry Johnson (2024-04-13). Western Countries Panic as Iran Weighs Its Options. sonar21.com Notwithstanding all of Israel's tough talk and Biden's repeated vow to defend Israel, Israel's military campaign against Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran is turning into a real debacle. And things don't look much better for the United States. The world is now in bona fide tenterhooks mode — i.e., nervously waiting for Iran's promised military retaliation for Israel's illegal bombing of Iran's Consulate in Damascus a week ago. The 1961 The premises of a diplomatic m…

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